Record year for Lamborghini: more than 10,000 cars sold

Record year for Lamborghini: more than 10,000 cars sold

Luxury brand Lamborghini has sold more than 10,000 cars in a single year worldwide for the first time, the brand reports. The exact number is 10,112 Lamborghinis sold, an increase of 10 percent compared to 2022.

The Italian luxury brand sold more cars, especially in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In that market, Lamborghini achieved a profit of 14 percent compared to 2022. Lamborghini still sells the most cars in the United States (3 thousand cars), followed by Germany (961 cars).

“It is a matter of pride for the entire company to exceed the 10,000 vehicle delivery mark,” said Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini.


Last year was also marked for Lamborghini by the introduction of the first PHEV in the luxury segment: the Lamborghini Revuelto. The brand also presented a concept car this year, the all-electric Lamborghini Lanzador. Winkelmann says that Lamborghini is keen on new technology, but at the same time is investing heavily in the carbonization of the 60-year-old factory’s deck.

The power switch is not a regulatory responsibility. Manufacturers of small sports cars are eligible for exemptions from stricter emissions restrictions in Europe, among others. The European Union is also enacting legislation to allow the use of so-called electronic fuels, which could prevent the complete extinction of combustion engines. The brand also shows that it is growing. Lamborghini announces that it will hire at least 500 new employees until 2026.

The fact that the luxury segment is a growth market is also evident from the statistics of the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari. Last year, the brand revised its profit forecast upwards. The high profit is mainly due to the price increase and the strong sales figures of the exclusive models, which are built in limited editions.

In 2022, Ferrari achieved another sales record. That year the company sold 13,221 cars worldwide.