Red Bull and Aston Martin breached F1 2021 financial regulations, accuses the FIA

Red Bull and Aston Martin breached F1 2021 financial regulations, accuses the FIA

Teams exceeded the spending limit of R$753 million last season; motorsport’s apex body is still studying what punishment will be applied

THE International Automobile Federation (FIA) revealed this Monday that the teams Red Bull and aston martin violated the financial regulations for 2021, which provides for the use of 145 million US Dollars (approximately R$ 753 million). After a long investigation and cooperation between the teams, the entity announced that it is still investigating what punishment will be applied: violations of procedures and excessive use may result in small monetary and/or sporting fines, which should not affect the ranks of Max Verstappen .

According to the FIA’s investigation, which released its findings in a cost investigation on Monday shortly after the 2022 Grand Prix, Aston Martin is in “procedural breach.” due to the increase of a small amount of money (less than 5% of the cost of the cost). Red Bull went a little overboard last year.

It was further noted that the Williams team committed procedural violations in May 2022, which were corrected in a “timely, cooperative and transparent manner.” The team was fined 25 million US Dollars (approximately R$ 129.8 million).

“Going through the Information Documents submitted was a comprehensive and comprehensive process, and all the competitors have given their full support in providing the necessary information to assess their financial situation in this first year of the Financial Regulations. The competitors have always acted in good faith. trust and cooperation throughout the process,” the FIA ​​said.

The agency also confirmed that no official investigation is underway. “The FIA ​​also notes that, considering this first year of application of the Financial Regulations, the intervention of the FIA ​​Cost Control Administration was limited in reviewing the submissions made by the competitors and that no full official investigation was initiated.”

Between six and 12 judges selected by the FIA ​​General Council will listen to the representatives of the Red Bull and Aston Martin teams and will decide whether they are guilty or not and what punishment will be given. It may contain points deductions in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships, suspensions of one or more stages, restrictions on the ability to test in the air and limits on usage.

Double champion with Dutchman Max Verstappen at the Japanese GP, and the Constructors’ title still in Formula 1, Red Bull issued a statement defending itself, even before the decision from the FIA.

“We are looking at the FIA’s ‘Minor Violation of Financial Regulations’ findings with surprise and disappointment. Our 2021 submissions were below the cost level, so we need to carefully review the FIA’s findings as we believe the relevant costs are below cost value. cap of 2021?, revealed the team.

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