Red Bull Symphonic History: Essentials of the format

Red Bull Symphonic History: Essentials of the format

The emotions that music can evoke are endless – and thankfully independent of the medium. Record your microphone in the bedroom, compose your songs on the laptop in the bedroom and make the most of the broken keyboard! All of these have changed lives.

But there is something that cannot be replaced: the wonderful sound of a large symphony orchestra with all its strings, winds and instruments. To experience such an orchestra in a real concert hall is an unparalleled experience.

Rick Ross & Orchestra Noir: Red Bull Symphonic in Atlanta

© Daniel Zuliani / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Symphonic brings these worlds together and has enabled rappers, electronic producers, rock bands and other unique orchestral collaborations since 2020. Carefully selected songs are completely rearranged and played live on stage by a hand-picked orchestra – in the best concert halls absolutely, of course.

Here are a few examples from international history Red Bull Symphonic: So far there have been releases in Switzerland, Austria, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia and Egypt.


Camo & Krooked with Christian Kolonovits (2020, Austria)

44 minutes

Red Bull Symphonic

Camo & Krooked – the two young Austrians face a new musical challenge together with composer Christian Kolonovits.

The story started in early 2020 with the Austrian drum’n’bass duo Camo & Crooked and their collaborations with renowned conductors and composers Christian Kolonovits. Just a few weeks after the joint Red Bull Symphonic, there was an update of the season: the Red Bull Symphonic Lockdown Session.

1 hour 35 minutes

Red Bull Symphonic: Loredana Live

Exclusive concert: German rap star Loredana meets the symphony orchestra at the Red Bull Symphonic on the KKL stage in Lucerne.

Then German rap began to play, represented by Switzerland Queen of Rap Loredana with an angry orchestral concert in Lucerne: The Making Of offers a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s production.

49 minutes

Red Bull Symphonic: Loredana – Documentary

Go behind the scenes at Red Bull Symphonic with rapper Loredana in her hometown of Lucerne.

From Switzerland to Atlanta, Georgia: none other than Rick Ross, CEO of Maybach Music Group and #1 Hustler, makes it symphonic in America. There is also a accompanying Making Of about Rick Ross and that Orchestra Noir:

24 minutes

Red Bull Symphonic Productions with Rick Ross

Rick Ross and the legendary Symphony Orchestra Noir bring the Red Bull Symphonic to Atlanta.

1 hour 31 minutes

Red Bull Symphonic Sailer & Spear

Together with Christian Kolonovits, Seiler & Speer have presented their best songs in a classic style.

It returns to Austria and Duo Seiler & Speer at the Wiener Konzerthaus – also with Christian Kolonovits and the Max Steiner Orchestra.
Genesis Owusu he’s probably the most exciting headliner Australia has to offer right now – the Ghanaian rapper proves this at his Red Bull Symphonic concert at the famous Sydney Opera House.