Red phase after the accident, Rossi-Audi collided with his colleague

Red phase after the accident, Rossi-Audi collided with his colleague

( – The 2022 24 Hours of Business is now 15 hours old and the excitement is still high. But the night and the morning also brought several sacrifices.

Valentino Rossi and his WRT teammates are back


This also includes the two WRT Audis #46 (Vervisch/N. Müller/Rossi) and #32 (D. Vanthoor/K. van der Linde/Weerts), which collided in the 14th hour and thus any possibility of one man losing top position. . “I don’t know what has to be combined to end up in such a situation,” says Nico Müller.

“But I drove the last half behind Charles. We just wanted to catch up together. Suddenly there was a McLaren in front of him who stopped. I was driving close to Charles and I couldn’t see what happened to McLaren: But he. stopped on the edge of the exit of the corner.”

“Charles had to hit the brakes when I was on the gas. And when I saw his brake lights, I was already behind him. I was half a meter behind him, though. That was very unfortunate.”

WRT-Audi #32: Not the only famous failure

Weerts’ stalled WRT-Audi resulted in the race’s tenth and so far full yellow phase of the race. While the #46 could continue the race, the Belgian team had to retire the #32.

The #32 WRT-Audi joins a good line-up of cars that have come out since the start of the six-hour race. These included the #54 Dinamic Porsche (Bachler/Ledogar/Preining), which had to deal with handling problems after a puncture and was forced to retire.

Albert Costa dumped Emil-Frey-Lamborghini #63 (Bortolotti/Costa/Aitken) on the exit of Fagnes during the night, the car could not continue. And on the GPX Porsche #221 (Lietz/Christensen/Estre) a fault in the drive train was found.

Richard Lietz was at the wheel of the nine-eleven and did not move when race control wanted to restart the race after a long interruption in the eleventh hour. Earlier, repair work had to be done on the boundary of the track after Matthew Payne jumped Blanchimont in the #16 EBM Porsche.

All top cars already have a pit stop

In the fight for overall victory in the 74th edition of the 24 Hours of Business everything is still open after 15 hours. All twelve cars still on the lead lap have already completed the mandatory technical pit stop.

Two cars each from Porsche (#47 Olsen/Tandy/L. Vanthoor and #74 Nasr/Campbell/Jaminet), Mercedes-AMG (#55 Engel/Buhk/Grenier and #88 Marciello/Juncadella/Gounon) have the best positions of BMW (#50 Harper/Hesse/Verhagen and #98 Farfus/Catsburg/Yelloly) and Ferrari (#51 Molina/Calado/Nielsen and #71 Fuoco/Serra/Rigon).