Redesigned Volkswagen Touareg: SUV Modification

Redesigned Volkswagen Touareg: SUV Modification

In the large family of Volkswagen SUVs, the Touareg is the most luxurious model. Four and a half years after the launch of the third generation of the model in the summer of 2018, the elegant fighter is now going through the knife box with several technological innovations that allow him to stay in the race. Suffice it to say that it’s a smooth transition.

Aesthetically, few things differentiate the old Touareg from this facelifted version. The front fascia has been slightly redesigned, and the grille has been separated from the light strip. Volkswagen has changed the signature of the headlights and announces the arrival of a new generation of matrix lights, which include 38,000 LEDs.

Technology that will soon benefit from other SUVs in lower segments, promises the manufacturer. Among them will certainly be the new Tiguan, which will be launched this summer. At the back, the lights are now connected by light cords. Fashion details are very fashionable in recent days.

As on the Cupra Tavascan, this new light signature includes a rear logo. A first for the brand in Europe which should be included for the entire range in the future. Finally, the latest novel of 2023: the appearance of the gray shade “Silicon Gray Matt” on the list. When it was launched in 2018, the Touareg drew attention with its large 15-inch touchscreen.

Available on the revised model, Volkswagen has been content with improving the screen definition. The voice command is also more accurate, the USB ports have a higher charging power (45 Watts against 15 W before), while the perceived quality has been changed. Among the available technological devices, let’s mention night vision assistance, driving assistance and the possibility of remote parking.