Remainder of 2022: the luxury car market declines and the motorcycle market emerges

Remainder of 2022: the luxury car market declines and the motorcycle market emerges

For another year, BMW led the luxury car market in the country. In 2022, 13,795 cars of the German brand were registered.

In the dispute for second place, Audi, with 5,485 registrations, beat Volvo (5,270), but the difference was small: only 215 units.

The difference between Volvo and Mercedes-Benz (4,977), in fourth place, was 293 vehicles. Land Rover (3,650) was in fifth place, and 427 more than Porsche (3,223).

With the exception of Porsche, which sold 106 more units compared to 2021, all brands in the premium segment lost sales share compared to the previous year.

In order, the biggest losers in units are: Volvo (3,007), Land Rover (1,519), Audi (775), BMW (727) and Mercedes-Benz (435).

Some companies still had problems with the lack of features and others changed their strategies.

Porsche was the only one to expand sales in the country last year

Volvo changed its direction, selling only electric cars in the country and, however, led the sale of 100% electric models with the XC40 (1,770 units).

BMW went through a cycle of change for its best-selling products (X1 and 3 Series). Mercedes, even with the version of the new generation of C-Class, fell for another year.

With a factory in Brazil, Land Rover needs to improve its commercial results.

In that state, BMW repeated its good national performance and led sales in 2022. In total, 264 cars from the German company were registered in Bahia last year.

In the following positions, there was a change in comparison with the national average: Volvo (100 units) in second place and Audi (89) in third.

The XC40 was the best-selling electric car in the state

Mercedes-Benz (85) was fourth and Land Rover (66) fifth. Among the cars, the complete leadership of BMW 3 Series (95 cars), followed by BMW X1 (71) and Volvo XC40 (38).

The electric light vehicle market closed 2022 with a record in the country. Hybrid and electric licenses reached 49,245 units, 41% above 2021.

With about 20,000 units, the Toyota Corolla and the hybrid Corolla Cross lead the list among models.

In the motorcycle world, Honda closed last year with a 17% growth in registrations compared to 2021. There were 1.03 million licensed units, the best result since 2014.

The CG 160 line emerged with more than 382,000 units registered, which corresponds to 37% of the brand’s sales in 2022.

The CG range accounted for nearly 40% of Honda’s sales in 2022

Second place is taken by Biz, with 195,000 units. Good results also for NXR Bros 160, the sales leader in the election segment, with 142 thousand units, and Pop 110, with 128 thousand.

In terms of sales share, Honda closed the year with 75.79% of the Brazilian motorcycle market.

Yamaha, with 16.33% participation, was in second place and Shineray, with 1.61%, in third place. BMW (0.93%) was fourth and Royal Enfield (0.74%) fifth.

From sixth to tenth place were: Kawasaki (0.66%), Haojue (0.65%), Avelloz (0.57%), Mottu (0.45%) and Dafra (0.41%).

Royal Enfield grew by more than 50%

Focus on BMW, which remained in fourth place even selling motorcycles starting at R$ 35 thousand and Royal Enfield, which grew 54% compared to 2021.

Companies that were already major players, such as Harley-Davidson and Suzuki, finished the year in 14th and 15th place.

In the state market, Honda ended the year with a higher share than the national average. The Japanese company achieved 85.09% of sales in Bahia, leaving Yamaha (9.71%) in second and Shineray (2.09%) in third.

As for products, eight of the ten best-selling motorcycles were from Honda. The top three were: CG160 (22,657 units), Pop 110 (17,385) and Biz (14,528).

HONDA skirt
While Honda’s two-wheeler division is celebrating good results, the company’s automotive segment is facing negative results.

As of 2022, the company has not released the Fit, WR-V and Civic. Additionally, the HR-V only returned to the dealership in August.

As a result, for most of the year its dealers only had City in the showroom. As a result, it closed 2022 with 24,757 units less than 2021.

Honda announced that it will launch this year the ZR-V, which will compete with the Jeep Compass and Toyota Corolla Cross, CR-V and an unprecedented version of the Civic in the country, the sporty Type R.

The new generation Civic will not be sold in Salvador

Another announced novel, Civic, did not get off to a good start. Imported from Thailand and with a hybrid engine, the sedan will be sold in a single version and, surprisingly, will not be sold in Bahia. The price will be around $ 250 thousand.

The company’s strategy is to offer the car only in Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.