Remy Gardner: MotoGP and Superbike are incomparable / MotoGP

Remy Gardner: MotoGP and Superbike are incomparable / MotoGP

After the MotoGP season, Remy Gardner switched to the Superbike World Championship for the 2023 season. Sprint racing is nothing new there. However, the situation cannot be compared, according to the 2021 Moto2 world champion.

Remy Gardner knows he has a lot to learn in his first Superbike season, especially the tires and brakes are very different from MotoGP.

The format in the series-based world championship is also new for the six-time Moto2 GP winner: In addition to the first main race on Saturday afternoon, there is a Superpole race on Sunday morning, the best 9 of which will form the first three. starting with the second main race series in the afternoon.

From 2023 there will also be a sprint race in the first division, this will take place on Saturday. Some MotoGP pilots have therefore expressed criticism, Gardner can understand that.

“These two classes are incomparable,” said the 24-year-old in an interview with “MotoGP takes place 21 weekends a year, the physical demands on a GP bike are insane. Riding a MotoGP bike is very tough. Incredible forces are at work when braking and accelerating, especially since the ride height equipment has been around. Everything is extreme and exhausting – I was sad on the Monday after the race weekend. Running extra races is hard work.”

The Australian added: “Riding for 21 weekends is already difficult when you only have one race. There are twelve weekends for Superbikes. That makes a difference: you have two or three weeks to prepare and come back clean. Everyone really gives everything for three days , but afterwards you have time to recover. In MotoGP you go home on Monday and after the training day you are already at the next race. I also think that the Superbike bike will not be so physically demanding – maybe I’m wrong about that. But they have steel brakes and less power .”

Gardner got a taste of his new role at the Jerez test on Wednesday and Thursday – and the Yamaha newcomer is surprised by how slow the big bike feels.