Rename for Audi A1: Citycarver becomes Allstreet

Rename for Audi A1: Citycarver becomes Allstreet

A small car with an off-road appearance now has a new name. Technically, however, nothing changes.

Do you know the story of the chocolate snack and the two bars that got the new name? Otherwise nothing has changed. This story is now repeated in Audi. The Ingolstadt company gave the Audi A1 a new name in the Citycarver version. From now on, it will have an Allstreet addition.

Different types of versions and prices have not changed

The small Audi A1 Sportback-based car remains true for its solid off-road shape with panels on wheel arches and side skirts as well as a slightly higher chassis. All previously released equipment and privatization options as well as engine transmission combinations that are already available remain the same. In the basic version, the new Allstreet comes as a TFSI 25 with a 95 hp one-liter engine. This unit is also offered in Allstreet with a output of 110 hp. The top engine is a 1.5 liter turbo gasoline engine with 150 hp.

Prices for the A1 version also start unchanged at 23,200 euros.

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Audi gives the A1 cross version a new name. Citycarver becomes Allstreet. Why? Because they can. There is no change in terms of equipment and prices. It’s kind of like Raider and now Twix.

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