Renault 4 will return as an SUV.  For now, it’s an effective concept

Renault 4 will return as an SUV. For now, it’s an effective concept

Soon, on October 17, at the 89th International Motor Show in Paris, Renault will for the first time present its new show car, which was created to celebrate the cult Renault 4. A modern interpretation of the Renault 4, a well-known and appreciated model. around the world, it will follow the same thirty years after the end of its production. At the moment, the manufacturer has shown two pictures, and we will see the car in all its glory at the Paris Motor Show 2022.

Renault 4 Concept – first shown at the 2022 Paris Motor Show

Renault 4 is an automotive icon, a symbol of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, which is being revived in a new form thanks to the team of Gilles Vidal, director of Renault Design. References to one of the most famous cars, the rival of the Citroen 2CV of the same story, cannot be missed. After all, “four” was created with a total of 8 million copies and was assembled in a total of 10 factories scattered around the world.

photo: media kit

Renault 4 concept

Now the Renault 4 is back, and since everything new has to be electric (or at least “electric”) today, the Concept 4 will also ditch the internal combustion for a bigger battery and an electric motor. What’s more, unlike another frequent legend, the Renault 5 model, which we will see in the production version around 2025, the modern “four” will get an elevated crossover-style body.

Renault 4 conceptphoto: media kit

Renault 4 concept

The presented photos still show, for example, solid road tires and a large ground clearance, which seems to confirm the information above. Such as the hoods around the hood, which are used to secure large objects carried on the roof – like kayaks, for example. We know such a solution, for example, from the new Ford Bronco. What else can you see in these dark pictures? For example, a roof box that increases the performance of the car, illuminated side rails to facilitate climbing or a rack mounted on the tailgate to transport – perhaps – a bicycle.

Renault 4photo by Michał Szymaczek

Renault 4

The modern body of the Renault 4 will certainly be larger than its predecessor, which was only 3.66 meters long. We also expect that the show car prepared for the first exhibition at the exhibition in Paris will be more “show” than “car”, and the possible production version will be very respectable. However, we look forward to hearing from you on Monday morning, October 17 in cars-and-sports. We invite you to visit ours special service provided for the Paris Motor Show 2022.