Renault Austral overtakes Peugeot 3008, The SUV War Continues

Renault Austral overtakes Peugeot 3008, The SUV War Continues

Renault Austral presents itself as a formidable contender in the SUV market, offering a fresh and innovative proposition. Recently introduced to Polish showrooms, it swiftly surpassed the Peugeot 3008, the reigning champion in the French segment, establishing itself as the second best-selling SUV in April. Renault’s compelling offering is yielding remarkable results.

The Renault Austral embodies the next generation of compact SUVs, boasting a sleek and refined silhouette complemented by a cutting-edge interior brimming with technological advancements. Not only does it provide a comfortable and practical space, characterized by ample comfort and remarkable sound insulation, but it also incorporates a remarkable system: Android Open R.

This system raises the bar for customization, configuration, and software installation, presenting a formidable challenge to its competitors. Additionally, the presence of two large screens, including a vertical display, ensures an immersive experience, allowing users to fully exploit these exceptional features.

During the month of April, Renault Austral secured an impressive sales figure of 2,654 units in France, falling marginally short of the Dacia Duster’s count of 2,679 units. This achievement signifies Renault Austral’s triumph over the long-standing French leader, the Peugeot 3008, which registered 2,219 units sold. Following closely behind is the Citroën C5 Aircross, the fourth most popular SUV, with 1,431 units sold.

In France, the majority of Austral sales, approximately 75%, comprise the 200-horsepower hybrid variant. Customers exhibit a strong preference for powerful drives, leading to inquiries about the highly anticipated 280 KM 4×4 version, which garnered immediate attention from the media.

Renault has launched an extensive advertising campaign to promote this exciting new model. In Poland, interested buyers can acquire the Renault Austral at a starting price of PLN 134,900 for the standard version or opt for the hybrid variant priced at 140,000 PLN. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the Renault Austral for yourself.

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