Renault Captur II 1.0 TCE 90 KM – how is it performing less than a year after buying it?  Feedback, failure rate, burnout

Renault Captur II 1.0 TCE 90 KM – how is it performing less than a year after buying it? Feedback, failure rate, burnout

The Renault Captur II found its way to our editorial office in October last year. This is the Intense version with small screen navigation, automatic air conditioning and a 1.0 TCe 90 HP engine. How does it work?

This purchase can be summed up in one word: seamless. Renault Captur II turned out to be a refined, reliable, comfortable and good-sounding car. We consider all these aspects when we drive every day. The car has only 11,000 km on the odometer and it goes mainly in the city or on suburban roads, but in summary, we took it immediately after the outdoor trips to the session in Bory Tucholskie.

Sunset with Captur II on an empty road near Bory Tucholskie Park

What can we say about Capture II? Maybe let’s start with the things that have changed since the purchase and may be considered by some as a problem: fuel consumption, which last year and during the winter was less than six liters, now we have increased in the summer and now the summer average, and climate consumption, it is 6, 6 liters per 100 kilometers, 70% driving on city roads and 30% on suburban roads – measured in the dispenser. So much for the downside.

Captur II runs through parks and fields

We still see many advantages in this car: first of all, the silhouette is attractive and attention-grabbing, it is more modern than the Captur I and gives the impression of being bigger. Two-tone painting (we chose gray with black posts and roof) is a cool option to consider when buying.

The clean rear of the Captura II

Inside, everything is completely finished, there are no disturbing sounds or noises from the time of purchase. Renault is a big plus for its stability. The multimedia system works quickly and efficiently, the maps are modern, the menu is easy to use and completely intuitive. Connecting the smartphone works as it should.

The engine performance of 90 HP is quite sufficient for the purposes for which we use the car. There is no problem in the city, and when you need to pass on the road, the parameters of 1.0 TCe allow it. Although it’s no rocket, the engine revs, shifts into gear and the Captur will launch down Highway 140 without any problems.

The maximum torque is 160 Nm and is available at 2,000 revolutions, thanks to which the engine does not need to be hit, it is more characteristic of diesel than gasoline. Even though it has three cylinders, you don’t feel it inside, unless you start using high RPM range.

Renault Captur II is a car that is comfortable, spacious and fun to drive. It works as a daily travel companion, whether in the city or on the road. For those who want lower running costs, we recommend choosing the LPG version or the more expensive 1.3 TCE engine, or the hybrid. 1.0 TCe 90 KM will suit us if we want to reduce the purchase price as much as possible.

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