Renault Espace (2023): The sixth generation was officially announced

Renault Espace (2023): The sixth generation was officially announced

( – Renault Espace (buy a used Renault Espace now) is like the VW Golf: Both didn’t invent their concept car, but it’s similar to this class. Now Renault is confirming what has been rumored for some time. The Espace name is now in its sixth generation, but it is finally turning away from the van concept.

Renault Espace (2023) catalyst.


Already that current position went more in the direction of SUV. Not even Renault can escape the current car death toll, which has already claimed famous victims such as Ford. S Max/Galaxy or claimed VW Sharan. After all: The well-known name Espace (French for “space”) may live on.

That a new five-seater and seven-seater SUV model and Renault is called Espace. The iconic name links the new model to its five previous generations. The world premiere of the new Espace is scheduled for spring 2023.

Based on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance’s CMF-CD platform, the new Espace offers superior long-distance comfort and space for up to seven people. What the manufacturer has not mentioned, but the summary CD suggests: Renault Austral and, above all, Nissan X-Trail serve as a basis. Currently this is a good length of 4.68 meters and has a wheelbase of 2.70 meters.

The question of drives is still open, Austral and X-Trail are not available as diesels. The letter E highlighted in the crazy Espace indicates electric drives. Austral has two petrol engines mild hybrid with 140 and 158 hp and full hybrid with 200 hp. The special feature of the X-Trail is the hybrid vehicle in which the combustion engine feeds the generator.

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Next November, Renault will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the debut of the Espace in 1983. The first Espace came to the market in 1984 and initially had a difficult time with the public. By 1990, however, nearly 200,000 copies had been sold. The concept was developed in the late 1970s by Matra, who originally offered it to Peugeot and the PSA group. A special feature of the Espace was its plastic design for a long time.