Renault is following Polestar with the designed E-Tech

Renault is following Polestar with the designed E-Tech

Suppose you buy a Clio hybrid or Mégane plug-in and want to rub it in your neighbor’s eyes? Good news! Because from now on you can choose the E-Tech special edition developed at Renault. The version blesses your fully electric design with the features of the fully electric Mégane Electric and emphasizes the Polestar circle. Wait, what do you mean exactly?

Nice color scheme, nice details

Let’s start with the design features that this E-Tech engineering version takes over from the Mégane Electric. The 100% electric Mégane comes in its high-end and beautiful version thermal titanium accent all around. From now on you can get the same accent color on your Clio hybrid, Captur plug-in hybrid, Mégane plug-in and Arkana hybrid. Renault uses the accent color for parts of the front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper and extends it to the interior parts. The Renault logo on the front and back is again decorated in black. For a touch of extra playfulness in your economic mix(es)?

However, Renault does not stop there. Absolutely not. Because it seems that the design team behind these E-Tech-designed versions were secretly jealous of the image floating around Polestar. So, the Arial font was immediately taken out of the closet and from now on you will receive an attractive sticker on the side with some information about your car. For example, in the case of the Polestar 2, it says “Polestar 2, Battery Electric Car, 78 kWh/300 kWOn the side of, say, the Clio Hybrid E-Tech engineered, it reads “E-Tech Engineered, Hybrid Technology, 1.2 kWh Electric capacity”.

Renault E-Tech Designed 2022

What do you think; what do you think A nice design accent? Or will only Polestar get away with this?