Renault is working on a small electric car, the kei car: it will cost less than 20,000 euros

Renault is working on a small electric car, the kei car: it will cost less than 20,000 euros

The mission of manufacturers involved in the electric transition is now one: make it democratic, this electric car. Cheaper models are needed to speed things up, not everyone can or wants to afford 30,000 euro cars. In The Times Times Car Future, the Number one Renault Luca de Meo revealed that French designers are working on one electricity for less than 20 thousand euros.

The Italian CEO added details that suggest that Renault is not limiting itself to “homework”, but that it is working on something. courage.

I am interested in the idea of ​​adapting the Japanese concept of the kei car to European tastes. There is intelligence in this type of car – the manager said at the event.

The car kei they are historically very popular cars in Japan: light, small, easy to park and also encouraged by low insurance rates. Many have come to Europe but have not had much success, see Daihatsu Cuore but also “sport” cope with Or to mention more recent projects, the Nissan Cube was also a kei car that was appreciated a lot at home and less here.

But Renault seems to be trying to get inspiration from the kei car concept, without importing one as the Japanese manufacturers have done in the past. After all weight It is the main factor in the success of electricity because it has a great influence on the freedom when the measurements affect price, so the characteristics of kei vehicles are perfect for the current historical period. You have to find the right formula, the mix, defeat the Europeans.

The assumption that the electric one costs less than 20 thousand euros cannot be ruled out share the platform and ideas with Dacia Spring, a Renault galaxy project that can be dedicated to that purpose. Spring is more than 3.7 meters long, it gives up to 230 kilometers of freedom, it weighs very little for an electric car (it does not reach 1,000 kg) and if the power value may leave you in doubt (45 or 65 HP) the torque is more than enough ( at least 125 nm).

Or, and it is perhaps the most likely hypothesisRenault can work on an existing projectthat of the latest electric kei car sakura that partner Nissan already sold in Rising Sun. We would even go back to an area that didn’t work in the past, that is, importing someone from the East instead of designing one from scratch in Europe. However on the impact and importance of Renault’s affordable electric car, de Meo said:

I am currently the chairman of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA, ed) and we are fighting some things that we don’t think are right for the industry. But on the other hand we are fully aware that we should also provide solutions to problems. And I think to be able to produce part A of electricity with a low impact on the environment is one of these solutions.