Renault Master (2024): Relaunch with First Photos

Renault Master (2024): Relaunch with First Photos

In a captivating turn of events, Renault’s renowned Master transporter is set to make a grand comeback in 2024, as recent sightings of a prototype hint at an imminent next-generation release. However, the details surrounding its pricing and level of refinement remain veiled in mystery.

The Renault Master (2024) prototype, though shedding some light on the forthcoming model, provides little insight into its price point. Considering the current offering’s price, hovering around a modest 35,998 euros as of August 2023, industry experts anticipate a slight uptick in cost for the new iteration.

While the transporter is all but certain to embrace its electric roots, boasting an upgraded 57 kW (76 hp) electric motor or a potential battery enhancement, possibly surpassing the current 52 kWh capacity and achieving a range of 204 miles. On the traditional combustion engine front, conjecture remains the only avenue, given Renault’s historical affinity for equipping the Master with potent 2.3-liter diesel engines, delivering up to 180 hp (132 kW). A move towards mild hybridization of these powertrains is a feasible prospect.

Renault Master (2024)

Casting our gaze toward the exterior and interior changes, the veil of camouflaging adorning the prototype prevents an exhaustive analysis of the redesign. Nonetheless, indications point towards revamped headlight and taillight graphics, along with a possible reimagined grille structure. As captured in the enigmatic Erlkönig photos, the grille’s new look could either exude boldness or remain concealed behind thick slats.

As for the proportions, preliminary assessments suggest minimal alterations, maintaining the transporter’s dimensions and loading capacities, with anticipated lengths up to 6.4 meters and heights up to 2.8 meters.

Despite the absence of a sneak peek inside the Master (2024), expectations run high for a larger infotainment touchscreen and potentially a digital cockpit as optional enhancements. Throughout these metamorphoses, the Renault Master (2024) is expected to retain its hallmark commercial vehicle aesthetics, albeit in a modernized form, a welcomed feature for its commercial clientele.

The Renault Master’s impending relaunch has already piqued the interest of industry enthusiasts and commercial operators alike. With its potential technological upgrades, improved electric drivetrain, and subtle exterior modifications, the highly anticipated 2024 version promises to redefine the standard for commercial transporters. As we await further official announcements from Renault, the world braces for a new era in efficient and reliable transportation solutions.