Rene Binder celebrates a class victory in a 24-hour regular game in Le Mans

Rene Binder celebrates a class victory in a 24-hour regular game in Le Mans

Congratulations on perfect driving and for your first victory in Le Mans! Je! How does this class win in the LMP2 Pro-Am space compared to your previous success?

Rene Binder: “It certainly means something special to me, because after a tragic accident with a teammate, Steven Thomas, on Wednesday we had to start from scratch. Our technicians had to make a difficult night shift to build a completely new device. even switch chassis and engine. We could not even compete in the qualifiers and had to bend the field from behind. To be there on the victory platform in front of this huge crowded theme. fans, that’s a very special thing. I read that there were 244,000 fans in these races. “

Exciting race, where there were two short moments of shock for you …

Rene Binder: “That’s right. The first time I was driving, there was a crankshaft census problem, which we were able to solve with a backup system. And at night our Australian, James Allen, had to run-” We had to change our nose. of a car, but that did not cost us even a minute. Besides, we were able to calmly open our program and bring home victories in our Pro-Am class. “

… although your number 45 car was forced to start behind the GT sports car because it did not participate in the qualification.

Rene Binder: “Yes, but that wasn’t a big drama. Our prototypes were about 16 seconds per round faster in the Le Mans circuit than the more powerful GT sports cars generated by production. So the connection to our LMP2 field was recently restored. ”

In these races you traveled many miles at night. How much courage does it take to run in the dark for 330 miles an hour and how good or bad your vision is?

Rene Binder: “Driving at night requires a lot of concentration and if you see more or less it depends on how dirty the front screen is. And of course the weather, but this time it was very good from start to finish.”

Final Question: Expectations for high-speed developers in Le Mans were already undoubtedly this weekend. How big is the competition in the first grade …

Rene Binder: “Of course it will be a dream and if I continue to do well in the LMP2 class, I must be able to fulfill this dream at some point.”