Rent a newly refurbished BMW 3 Series from 334 euros per month

Rent a newly refurbished BMW 3 Series from 334 euros per month

BMW without Series 3? It’s hard to imagine. But the pressure from the competition is growing, which is why the Munich company recently released their comprehensive improvement, which is primarily intended to bring the interior into shape. In terms of price, one thing remains the same even after the upgrade: The BMW 3 Series is not cheap. Especially if you are aiming for spacious Tourism. Prices for the facelift model start at 45,000 euros. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money at once, renting is the best option. Especially because there are already attractive offers for new ones.
At (a cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), private and business customers can rent a BMW 320i Touring with 184 hp and M sports package from EUR 334 total per month. A special one-time payment is not necessary for this offer. Business customers pay at least a total of 281 euros.

To get the revised station wagon at its best, private and commercial customers should agree to a lease contract with a duration of 48 months and an annual mileage of 10,000 km.

If you accept slightly higher rates, you can change the time and kilometers included to your liking. For a private rental of more than 36 months and 20,000 kilometers per year, for example, the monthly payment increases to 464 euros in total.

Total rental costs are at the lowest levels for private customers at a total of 17,106 euros including transfer and registration (334 euros 48 times plus 1074 euros). Business customers should calculate a total of 14,390.52 euros (281 euros times 48 plus 902.52). (maintenance costs count? By comparing car insurance!)

Modernized with the M Sport package

The BMW 320i Touring is already pre-configured with this offer. This means that customers have to get used to the engine and equipment. In view of the 184 hp petrol engine with eight-speed automatic transmission and the M sports package that is also included, that should not be a problem. With a total list price of 54,580 euros, with a new curved display and new software, automatic climate control, an M leather steering wheel and comfortable heated sports seats are standard on board.

The only downside: Unfortunately, the chic 3 Series Touring requires a little patience. Currently the carrier offers a delivery time of around 38 weeks. Plenty of time to develop expectations. According to, the offer may no longer be available at short notice due to high demand. An overview of all interesting rental deals can be found here!