Rent a Polestar 2: An environmentally friendly car at a good price

Rent a Polestar 2: An environmentally friendly car at a good price

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Almost half of all drivers want to switch to an electric car. The better environmental characteristics of electric vehicles is one of the many possible reasons for the change. So give them electric cars like that Polestar 2 Dual Motor 78kWh Long Time, which according to ADAC Ecotest is one of the friendliest cars on the market, does not emit any CO2 emissions. Therefore, electric vehicles can make a significant contribution to climate protection. If you also want to do your part, the Polestar 2 could be the right car for you.

Lease Polestar 2: Cheap offer for dealers

Interested in a luxury e-limousine? Then we at new car savingsa site that collects and evaluates rental offers*, found the perfect version for you. So you can Rent a Polestar 2 Dual Motor 78 kWh Long Term from approximately 410.00 euros net per month*. The word is 60 months and miles of 10,000 kilometers per year. However, the offer is for business customers. So you need a business license to be able to rent a Polestar 2 on these favorable terms.

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Learn more about the Polestar 2 lease program

As part of this offer, there is a monthly payment of 60 two simultaneous costs to you, some of which may be returned. This is originally about Euro 1008.40 for transfer of Polestar 2. In addition, you still have to go to the dealer for the so-called BUFFERearly environmental bonus. This bonus is a grant from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), which is intended to make the switch to electric vehicles more attractive. The BAFA environment bonus for Polestar 2 is 4500.00 euros, which you have to pay to the seller. Then you can however, request the full amount from BAFA and get a full refund. You can find the appropriate form here: Submit an individual BAFA application.

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The terms of the lease agreement at a glance

  • target group: commercial lease
  • Time: 60 months
  • mileage: 10,000 km per year
  • during delivery: five to six months
  • transfer costs: one net of 1008.40 euros
  • special payment: one discount net of 4500.00 euros (for the BAFA environmental bonus, refundable)
  • Monthly Rate: a total of 409.68 euros
  • the reason for the lease: 1.05
  • total cost factor: 1.09

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Polestar 2: Is the lease offer worth it?

We checked our rental calculator: In fact, this offer is the best trade deal we have for the Polestar 2 Dual Motor 78 kWh Long Range can get. For that reason alone, the offer is worth it. In addition, both Rent and the total cost factor are close to the same value. Typically, lease offers with a lease factor and total cost less than or close to one are approved. That’s why we can recommend you take a closer look at this plan* – if you want to switch to an electric car like the Polestar 2.

What can the Long Range Polestar 2 Dual Motor 78 kWh do?

Of Polestar 2 Dual Motor 78kWh Long Range* not only environmentally friendly, but also a reliable and powerful car. He gives 408 hp and will be able to reach a maximum speed of up to 205km/h. Its scope is impressive 482 kilometers. More important information about the Polestar 2 from the rental offer can be found in the summary:

  • Price list: a total of 46,214.00 euros
  • run: electric motor
  • cycle: Automatic
  • performance: 408 hp (300 kilowatts)
  • high speed: 205 km/h
  • Frequency: 482 km
  • power consumption: a total of 19.4 kilowatt hours per 100 km
  • CO2 emissions: plus 0 grams per kilometer
  • Furniture: freely configurable, four-wheel drive, parking assistance, hands-free system, automatic climate control, navigation, reversing camera, heated seats, heating and more.
  • Color: magnesium

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