Rent for a total of only 450 euros per month

Rent for a total of only 450 euros per month

( – Alfa Romeo Tonale (Showcase: Best Alfa Romeo Tonale Lease Deals) is the latest SUV from the Italians and impresses with its sporty character and ample space for the family. The Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T Veloce 48V Hybrid is available for pre-order on for a total of EUR 449.80 per month.

Alfa Romeo tone


Delivery time is four months from order. The pre-ordered rental car has a premium package, a winter package, a solar panel roof and an assistance package as special equipment. Alfa Romeo is offered in Rosso Alfa color.

Italian SUV with 48 volt system

A 48-volt mild hybrid system operates in the Alfa Romeo Tonale. The driving concept has a 1.5-liter R4 gasoline engine with a turbocharger, a 7-speed DCT automatic transmission and a 48-volt electrical system with a belt-start generator. The engine produces 160 hp and 240 Nm of torque and travels at a speed of up to 212 km / h. Its 0-100 km/h time is 8.8 seconds.

The lease offer was calculated for a period of 48 months with a total mileage of 40,000 km.

The market leader Alfa Romeo Tonale with the same equipment costs a total of 690 euros per month.

Offer including a link to the plan at a glance:

of Rental benefits it is a fixed monthly rental rate including interest and fees over a period of 12 months or three years, for example. In addition, the car is a brand new car equipped according to your own opinion and budget. But there are also annual car rentals and used car rentals.

What are the rental costs? As a rule, a private hire offer is cheaper than a car loan or car rental. Usually, a special down payment is required, but there are also rental offers without this down payment. editor Daniel Hohmeyer has already covered an example of a cheap rental: the “Mercedes VIP Leasing”.

What should you consider when renting? After the lease is up, you return the car to the dealer and get a brand new car. You must ensure that you do not exceed the contractually agreed kilometers, otherwise you will have to pay for additional kilometers. As an additional service, some providers even offer to take over rent and insurance (“joint leasing”). The concept of inspection and repair costs is also included in some packages.

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