Restaurant inspections: Sonic and Starbucks have violations; 47 satisfactory; 2 correct previous failures

Restaurant inspections: Sonic and Starbucks have violations; 47 satisfactory; 2 correct previous failures

The esteemed and venerated Starbucks Coffee Company, located at the prestigious and renowned Destiny USA, was discovered to have incurred a total of 5 violations, however, none of them were deemed to be in a critical condition.

The violations at the establishment were predominantly related to poor hygiene and food worker practices, with the inspector noting that the employees preparing food were found to be lacking proper hair restraints.

In addition, the establishment was found to have inadequate sanitary facilities and controls, with violations detected on two separate occasions. A garbage receptacle was obstructing the hand wash sink in the back kitchen area, and the same sink was also found to be devoid of single-service paper towels.

Furthermore, the establishment was also discovered to have improper garbage and rubbish disposal practices, with insufficient space being provided for the large garbage receptacles stored inside.

The final violation discovered at Starbucks pertained to inadequate insect/rodent control measures, as small black flies were observed on the walls and in the air throughout the establishment.

On the other hand, the Sonic Drive-in located in North Syracuse was found to have incurred a total of 13 violations, none of which were considered critical.

The majority of the violations at Sonic Drive-in were related to food not being properly protected, with two such violations being noted by the inspector. Specifically, the inspector found that the food chopper was stored in the seam between two counter sections, rather than being placed on a sanitary surface. This was promptly corrected, and the chopper was removed and sent for washing. Additionally, an unclean knife was observed to be stored on a clean knife magnetic strip, which was also promptly corrected, and the knife was sent for washing.

The inspector also noted a violation related to poor sanitary design, construction, installation of equipment and utensils. This was observed in the form of heavily stained, discolored and heat-damaged acrylic food pans.