Restoration work, new series of events: This is currently taking place at the German Motorcycle Museum in Neckarsulm

Restoration work, new series of events: This is currently taking place at the German Motorcycle Museum in Neckarsulm

Art and Machine: Amy Lungu has already performed at a musical wine tasting at the Bicycle Museum. Photo: private

A lot is happening these days at the German Motorcycle Museum, as the two-wheeled museum and the NSU are now called. Technicians and construction field professionals are drawn to the basement, artists to machines. The house faces exciting months, also because it is a special year.

After the city celebration is before the NSU celebration

The celebration of the city “1250 years Neckarsulm” is over, now Audi has to celebrate. The slogan of the special joint exhibition organized by the German Motorcycle Museum and Audi-AG in Neckarsulm is “150 years of NSU – innovation, courage and change”.

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The secret stars of the Audi collection

Everything will be presented in early summer at the museum and at the Audi Forum. This also includes a publication with special articles about NSU, according to museum director Natalie Scheerle-Walz. It deals, for example, with the importance of the NSU brand for the Neckarsulm region. Records would be discussed as a Wankel engine, announces the boss. “Die-hard NSU fans” should also voice their opinions in the social media campaign.

The city is investing in museums

The museum is proud of its NSU collection. The pre-war collection, acquired by private collector Adolf Mühlich, is considered unique. The room that houses the NSU collection after the war has been improved by construction site workers. “The city invests in the celebration,” says Natalie Scheerle-Walz. Carpenters and painters were working to be able to present the machine in a new way. It is expected that the work will be completed in February. Motorcycle fans will benefit from the conversion work. While the machines used to stand next to each other on the rolled cellar floor, in the future they will be presented on foundations.

And the direction is also different: In the future, machines will be installed in such a way that the technology can be seen. The text accompanying the exhibition would also be revised. The director of the museum talks about a “total revaluation”. Incidentally, museum worker Sven Heimberger directed the NSU Rennmax alone, which will also be heard this year.

NSU fans can drive to the parking lot on Sundays

The municipal house lives from and with the members. For a short registration, NSU fans can drive up and drop off their machines in the parking lot on special Sundays (June 4, June 18, July 9, July 30 and August 13).

The museum benefits from private collectors. The Neckarsulmer Haus recently received 500 specialist books for the library from a “famous private collection”. Natalie Scheerle-Walz is convinced: “We are one step further in establishing the German Motorcycle Museum as a professional museum in Germany.”

There is a new series of events

A new series of events will also be launched in the historic building under the motto “Music, Wine and Museums”. Musician Amy Lungu has performed with her band, accompanied by wine from a local winemaker. The idea behind it is to present the traditional theater in a new way – in relation to the cultural heritage of wine and music, inspires Natalie Scheerle-Walz. It is a small stage with 60 comfortable seats. The performance has the character of an intimate concert. “All wineries from Neckarsulm should participate.” The next date is: Friday, March 3, 7 pm