Return convertible bonds on Mercedes-Benz Group AG at 10.5%

Return convertible bonds on Mercedes-Benz Group AG at 10.5%

Consor bank: Investors can now Consor bank one Bond Protect on Bayer with a coupon of 9.2%, Reverse Convertible Pro with a restriction on Deutsche Bank with a coupon of 12%. and sign up for the Protect Last Minute bond at Mercedes-Benz with a 10.5% coupon.

WKN | provider Time issue price drawing phase
Reverse Convertible Protect | Bayer AG (9.20% pa) | Blockage: 80%
HVB72T | UniCredit


100% quotes 09/06/22 to 09/26/22
replace the variable pro with the block | Deutsche Bank AG (12.00% pa) | Blockage: 80%
VV0P4R | Vontobel


100% quotes 08/25/22 to 09/19/22
Reverse Convertible Protect Last Minute | Mercedes-Benz Group AG (10.50% pa) | Blockage: 80%
PF99YQ | BNP Paribas
10/16/2023 100% quotes 09/14/22 to 10/04/22


  • Forecast: fixed interest payments, independent of the development of the price of the underlying stock
  • Volatility: buy and sell derivatives on the stock market and in live trading at any time at current prices.


  • Price risk: no additional income from any underlying price gains; Risk of loss in the event of a rapid decline in the value of the underlying asset
  • Issuer risk: In the event of insolvency of the issuer, there is a risk of loss up to and including the total loss of such certificates.

Legal notice

Certificates/bonds are securities in which the creditworthiness of the issuer must be considered. A deterioration in the creditworthiness of the debtor results in a risk reduction proportional to the share price of the respective bond. A borrower’s creditworthiness may deteriorate to the extent that he becomes insolvent or insolvent. If this happens, interest and/or principal payments can no longer be made on time. The worst case would be complete failure.

Consorsbank receives a sales commission from the investment company (eg issuer, capital investment company, holding company) and/or business partner of the products advertised here, which includes part (up to 100%) of the issue fee, payment. of transaction costs, if applicable, and, if applicable, a portfolio-based fee (up to 100% of management costs). Details are available on request.