Review and Schedule: American Citizen in RedBud / US Motocross 450

Review and Schedule: American Citizen in RedBud / US Motocross 450

American citizens are entering the Round 5 this weekend in RedBud, Michigan. Chase Sexton (Honda 450) and Jett Lawrence (Honda 250) lead the tournament. Ken Roczen (Honda) returned to P3.

The first weekend of July is the American Independence Day weekend and that means: RedBud is on the calendar, a race that undoubtedly marks the culmination of the American Motocross Race. The weather with fans pushing along the way is unique. Jumping to the story “LaRocco’s Leap” is also unique. So we can look forward to a delightful race. Michigan’s weather forecast is sunny with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The only minor player is that Antonio Cairoli it will no longer exist in the beginning. The Sicilian has returned to Europe and is already practicing cycling again. Based on his own information, it is quite possible that he will still participate in the final American race Raia they will attend. Cairoli In any case, I would like to participate in the Motocross of Nations in the United States on a song from September RedBud the beginning of his homeland of Italy.

Eli tomaki (Yamaha) after winning the final race Top Action German HRC factory driver ken Rockzen dropped from second place in the table. After for Rockzen a decision has been made that he will join the new Supercross World Tournament he will attend what appears to be one team change will fit, that should also take some pressure off his shoulders local team War on leaders expel sexton take.

Championship score 450 cc after the 4th round of 12:

1. expel sexton (United States), Honda, 181
2. Eli tomaki (USA), Yamaha167, (-14)
3. ken Rockzen (GB), Honda, 163, (-18)
4. jason Anderson (United States), Kawasaki, 147, (-34)
5. Ryan hole (USA), KTM122, (-59)
6. Christian high (United States), 120, (-61)
7. Justin Barcia (United States), GASGAS, 106, (-75)
of 8. Aaron Plessinger (United States), 90 (-91)
9.Antonio Cairoli (I) KTM89 (-92)
10 Garrett March Banks (USA) Yamaha86, (-95)

yes 250s Class is clearly a family affair this season Lawrenceas defending champions Jeti continuing to lead the table. His older brother Hunter it is clear p2 12 point deficit.

250 Championship score cc after the 4th round of 12:

1. Jeti Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 186
2. Hunter Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 174, (-12)
3. yes Shimoda (JPN), Kawasaki, 137, (-49)
4. Justin cooperation (USA), Yamaha133, (-53)
5.Michael Mosiman (United States), GASGAS, 115, (-71)

Here is how to run a race:
life expectancy (free of charge)
direct stream (99.99 USD per season, 6.99 USD for race)

In RedBud will be the first 450s class has begun.

Schedule US Raia RedBud:
Saturday, 07/02/2022
16:00: qualification
19:00: 450MX run 1
20:00: 250MX run 1
21:00: 450MX run 2
22:00: 250MX run 2

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