Review of Genesis Nitro 890. Great armchair

Review of Genesis Nitro 890. Great armchair

The quality of the seat and the comfort of the chair are important. Perhaps everyone who has had to struggle for several hours in a box that magically flies above the ground knows about it. People who spend a lot of time in front of a computer or console also know. So let’s keep something decent, so that back pain doesn’t stop us from working or playing our favorite game. Will the Genesis Nitro 890 gaming chair give us comfort?

Behind the chair

Some time ago Kacper praised the Genesis Nitro 650 armchair. Now I have to look at another model from the same Genesis line of gaming products. The Nitro 890 comes in a large and heavy box with all the components needed to safely assemble a full seat. At first, when I took all the things out of the box, I got the impression that I had half a day’s work ahead of me. I have assembled armchairs in the past and it is not an easy task. Many components, it is easy to lose something or make a mistake and create a trap in the seat. I think that’s why I’m so amazed at how easy it was to assemble the Nitro 890. In about 30-35 minutes I managed to complete the entire seat and there wasn’t a single screw or plug left on the floor.

High quality

After such a short time, a large black chair with a red cloth was already standing at my table. I have to say that Genesis Nitro 890 impresses with the size and quality of the work. The armrest is bigger, seems more solid and the quality of the work seems better than the normal chairs I was sitting on. You can see right away that this is a high quality product and is much better and more accurate than most other chairs available in stores.

This armchair is very easy to fold.

Lots of options

The great advantage of Genesis Nitro 890 is the many things we can adapt to our needs. The adjustment of the height of the chair and the possibility of changing the angle of the backrest are very good. The rear can be tilted almost 90 degrees and unfolded as the car is parked. It’s a great device and allows us to reveal when we feel good. We can also have a lot of fun with the armrests. We can adjust their height, whether they should be straight or bent, and if they are more protruding. For me, this is a very good option and I must admit that during a boring conference call at work I just enjoyed moving things on the chair. The icing on the cake is the extra pillow as an optional neck support. In terms of options, it is very good here

Genesis Nitro 890
Genesis Nitro 890

The designers are proud of the large wheels that do not touch the surface, the strong metal texture, the use of foam, which will increase the life of the chair. The fabric should provide a good level of ventilation, which is at a premium in summer. The fake leather from some seats can be boring. Here the material is nice to the touch, it looks very nice and you can’t stick to it in hot weather.

Genesis Nitro 890 Details

Upholstery materials Eco leather, fabric
Basic materials Nylon
Wheel material Nylon
The length of the armrests 45 – 51 cm
Recommended growth 160 – 195 cm
Procedure of the chair Frog
Wheel size 60 mm
Back tilt angle 90 – 160 °
Raise the gas Class 4
Armrest 3D
The width of the backrest 56.5 centimeters
Balance 22.5 kg
Accessories included Head pillow
Allowable weight 150 kg
Backrest height 84.5 centimeters
Seat depth 52 centimeters
Seat width 56.5 centimeters
Seat height 125 – 131 cm
Adjustable seat height 45 – 51 cm
Work Rocking activity, Swivel chair, Reclining chair
Color Black, Red
Back light It is not
EAN 5901969431001
Catalog number NFG-1730
Model specifications from the manufacturer’s side

This armchair works

Technical issues by the way, but for me the most important thing is that Genesis Nitro 890 works very well in use. I am one of those people who get bored with too much office work. More than once it happened that my back hurt from sitting. In the case of this armchair and the settings chosen by me, I am always fine and my back does not hurt. In addition, the seating is very comfortable and I have the opinion that I was not sitting in a better and more comfortable seat.

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Many ways to adjust the seat.

Great choice

I am impressed The beginning Nitro 890 and my more than one week of “testing” this seat was very positive. Of course, the question of the durability of the equipment remains. The armrest feels solid and durable, so I’m hoping for a few years of solid use. However, I don’t want to predict from the grounds of coffee and I will refrain from saying that I have feelings about the longevity of the Genesis Nitro 890. I hope this armchair will serve me as long as possible, because I am changing to an old chair. it will be difficult.

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Right pillow just below the nape of the neck.

I am for yes!

I must say that I did not expect Genesis Nitro 890 to impress me so much. I’m one of those weird people who sits best on the floor. This is how I play and watch movies or read. Nitro 890 has been a good alternative to the floor, which probably does not sound as good, but from my lips it is a higher praise. Now I’m worried about what will happen when the home office is finished and I switch to an office chair?