Review of the Genesis Krypton 750. A multitasking mouse

Review of the Genesis Krypton 750. A multitasking mouse

Myszek is abundantly with us. I think that can be said by anyone who goes to the store with computer equipment. The choice is greater and the price range is greater. You can buy a mouse for 20 zlotys, but there will also be 320 zlotys. However, more important than the price is the quality and whether a certain mouse is suitable for us. I found the perfect mouse for me.

Genesis Krypton 750 is another gaming mouse from a popular series of products that we have already written a little about. mouse Krypton 290 and Krypton 200/220 were warmly received by the reviewers. Now I had the opportunity to look at the top model of the Krypton 750.

Sometimes yes, sometimes yes.

Great craft

Krypton 750 is another mouse with a clear design, RGB Prismo backlight and snow-white plastic housing. There is also a more common option in the Genesis range in black. The housing can be removed and we can decide for ourselves if we prefer the standard panel coverage or the hollow version.

Krypton 750
Krypton 750

A weighted tray is placed under the removable Krypton 750 panel. We can put it in any position and pull out or rearrange the weight according to our needs. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the weight of the mouse to our needs. The manufacturer informs that we can try in the range of 58 – 76 g.

A little technical data

The mouse uses a PAW3333 optical sensor with a sensitivity in the range of 200 – 8000 DPI. The maximum speed of data processing remains at the level of FPS 8000, and the maximum speed is 35 G. For this we have 6 levels of DPI sensitivity. The mouse also has 6 programmable buttons, which is a satisfactory result and probably enough for many gamers or Internet surfers.

The power of prayer

Some functions of the mouse are hidden in the Start program that we can install on the computer. The mouse works without it and starts, as it should Plug & Play, in no time. However, if we are interested in modifying the parameters. We have access to 5 profiles, where we can configure the mouse buttons, set DPI ranges, and play around with setting the colors of the mouse backlight. As I said, the mouse flies without it, but if we want, for example, an additional button to take screenshots for us in games, this can be set.

Start Mouse
Application of Genesis

It fits well in the hand

Personally, I prefer bigger and bigger mice. Such breads that you can comfortably ride on the pad. The Krypton 750 is not huge, but it was quite comfortable in my hand. In addition, the possibility to adjust the weight of the mouse as well as how it will be unfolded, and also to decide if we prefer, for example a complete shelter, make this product very easy to adapt to the needs. As if that wasn’t enough, it is very easy to change all these things. Thanks to this, several people can use the same mouse with equal pleasure. Otherwise, if we are tired of the color or the house, we can quickly change it and it is as if we have another mouse in the house. I’ve been playing a few covers during testing, and both work well.

A little sticky

One small issue that I can fault is the fact that the cable braid is very weak. This material caught something and fell off a bit on the first day of use. This isn’t a problem at all, it’s more a matter of being careful about what you have on your desk. The mouse continues to work without any problems, but the cable will probably deteriorate over time. Rather, it’s just cosmetic, but I wanted to point it out in case others prefer desktop mode like paper and trash.

Z31799 158965
Z31799 158965

Good choice

Krypton 750 is a solid choice, especially if the equipment is used by several household members with their own preferences. Then everyone can put the mouse in their own way for a minute or two. It’s also a great option for those who, like me, prefer cable over wireless options. I am very happy with this product and will probably switch to this mouse on my gaming computer. This is a great option at a great price