review of the interstellar series Canal+

review of the interstellar series Canal+

People’s opium

Copy ofInfinity, is that this seemingly rigid separation between science, religion, or even philosophy may just be a construction. As a reminder, the series tells the story of an investigation into the discovery of an astronaut’s body found on Earth in a mysterious state.

However, the latter still seems to be alive, as at the same time he sends a distress message from the International Space Station (now in a sorry state), supporting the photo. Solve the riddle of this dead and alive astronaut at the same time, this is the goal of Anna Zarathi, a French astronaut expelled from the space program, and Isaak Turgun, a Kazakh soldier rejected by his leadership.

And when it comes to navigating between philosophy, science and religion, the series succeeds. By showing the wretched who have become followers of Zoroastrianism in the midst of the burning Kazakh steppes, or by showing the madness of men for whom the conquest of space has a mystical meaning. Infinity captures our attention and provides food for thought. It is no longer the crime whose solution is expected, but the reflection of the news. Why do we go to space, and what are we looking for there if not ourselves?

Infiniti will be able to look good, always

Still, the puzzle is complex, and is further enhanced by the many characters in the series, and the subplots they maintain. When Isaak interrogates the pariahs of Kazakh society (with all that it means in terms of patriotism or, on the contrary, corruption with Russia, the country of which Kazakhstan has been a satellite for a long time) to solve the mystery of the body of astronaut Anthony Kurz. , Anna tries to convince the space program to send her into space to check if the International Space Station is empty.

These two parts, brought together, have other intrigues, carried out in an organic way. Isaak’s colleagues do not want to arouse the anger of the Russians and will put spokes in his wheels, in the same way that the space program, which includes representatives from different countries, must deal with the geographical divisions of its members.

Infiniti: photo, Celine SalletteThere is no question of making the sequence in space look like a green screen

And with many parallel plots the conclusion between philosophy, religion, science and fantasy, Infinity it sets itself up with a very debilitating endingrecalling the best hours of the series as The Lost: The Lost. The viewer is not prepared for the surprise that the plan brings him.

For others, the surprise will be complete in the face of strange revelations and trends that are not seen anywhere in the series. For others, it would be counterproductive to resolve the lack of cohesion by forcing a lock. From the deception where the incomprehensible logic is combined with the mysterious, to allow the series to reach a tour of power to hold a very interesting text from the beginning to the end of its narrative. As far as we’re concerned, this finale works and acts as the apotheosis of genre congestion. which fully justifies serial viewing.

Infiniti: photoIn this abandoned environment, the military is the gun bearer of the greatest interests

Easy, Emil

An act of faith that involves being slow enough to let the series move forward, on the other hand, is often problematic and, above all, a bad idea. Apart from its finale which is a real trial by fire if you don’t agree to play the game, the series takes some liberties with its consistency in the way it repeats itself in a sequence or dialogue.

We can identify characters who switch from one language to another to be understood by a mediator they still know nothing about, the main characters kidnapped a minute after the shocking revelation of the deceased, or even rude soldiers who have enough faith in the aliens to let go of their weapons. (actions to get out of the inextricable situation).

Infiniti: photoKazakh steppes have never been so alive

While the secret is still only in its position, Anna’s discussion with her colleagues about the International Space Station is mystifying to young animals (and frankly not entertaining).. In contrast, the discovery of Isaac, an incorruptible soldier willing to do anything for revenge, looking straight out of a David Fincher film, is a breath of fresh air.

The result is a feeling of time inequality The first half of the series, which is based almost entirely on the character of Isaac and his peregrinations in the lowlands of a society that has despaired since the fall of the USSR.

To make matters worse, the romantic relationship between Anna and the astronaut whose body was found (which is announced very early in the plot, we promise, we won’t reveal anything) is stupid, to say the least. His narration in retrospect doesn’t help, as it sometimes gets in the way of other sequences.

Infiniti: photo, Celine SalletteIf Céline Sallette is to be believed, she’s got a love story that’s hard to put up with

There is no Miss-steppe

Fortunately, it will be necessary to concentrate (not to say fussy) to examine some lack of coherence of the series, thanks to neat platform. We are thinking here about some change connecting Anna and Isaac (the helicopter that drops its cargo suddenly becomes ice cubes falling into the whiskey), or many adventures in the wilderness (where the 4th episode stands out as the best of the series).

His artistic direction is devilishly attractive.. In decoration, first of all, we have to recognize the power ofInfinity creating a link between the Kazakh steppes, space (which never looks like cardboard or green background)and the endless offices of the air-agent, suitable for all treachery and intrigue.

Infiniti: photos, Celine Sallette, Daniar AlshinovDaniyar Alshinov, our nugget

And if these decorations testify to the desire of the series, the latter is international in all respects. First in its stakes, since many countries cooperate in space missions (allowing in passing small geographical and political areas not without interest), but also in its deployment. Vlad Ivanov, Céline Sallette or Daniyar Alshinov all play characters of the same nationality, which vary between French, English, Russian or even Kazakh.

If three artists are able to give a great performance, Daniyar Alshinov in his dumb role of carrying a gun in his lonely desert looks like an excellent addition. of this series that we can say with a big smile that it is definitely the best vintage of the Canal+ series.

Infiniti is available in full on MyCanal from 4 April 2022

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