“Revin’ Kevin” Schwantz on Pedro Acosta / MotoGP

“Revin’ Kevin” Schwantz on Pedro Acosta / MotoGP

Many legends from the US region such as Kenny Roberts, but also Wayne Rainey and Kevin Schwantz visit the paddock. Texan Schwantz talks about rookie singer Pedro Acosta.

During the American GP in Texas, the name of 500cc Grand Prix legend Kevin Schwantz is used frequently. Also because the 1993 world premiership champion and native Texan appeared in person on the impressive field in Austin on Friday.

Paddocks’ popular pastime is to ask local stars about stories of the caliber of Kevin Schwantz, who is rightfully still revered to the point of worship today. The reasons for its continued popularity are simple. Schwantz was uncompromising as a driver. Techniques were not his thing. To sit up, to give it your all, to come down again, which often took the form of aerial acrobatics very spectacular and very painful for the main actor. Second: Schwantz was never a politician who read media reports. Kevin Schwantz said what’s going on. He congratulated the competition when it was called and spanked their asses when necessary. This “straight forward” attitude, without being dirty, brought the Texan more recognition then and now.

In the paddock in Austin we turned the game around and asked Kevin Schwantz for a story about the brutal alien Pedro Acosta. The 18-year-old student of the KTM Factory Racing boarding school reminds of a young Kevin Schwantz in all his style – who does not hesitate in his appreciation of Acosta: “I’ve been watching him for a while and it’s natural. It’s impossible to miss him. Now that he’s sitting on the MotoGP bike and trying to understand and control the bike with his whole body, the only thing is that he doesn’t think about it too much. He just tries to ride as fast as he can for as long as possible he finds his limits, but not any strategies or games. It’s good to see how he struggles in everything and experiences the limits of the whole system and tires.

Texan was particularly enthusiastic about the performance of the GASGAS pilot in HervĂ© Poncharal’s team in Portugal. “The way he handled Pecco was incredible. He did everything at the same time, pushing forward and backward at the same time and staying in control. Great. To show this ability at the very beginning of my MotoGP career really impressed me. Without a doubt, he has been the hottest man in the paddock for a long time.

The former Suzuki works driver is also on a personal level with the young Spaniard. “He seems to say what he thinks, that’s the point. Why should drivers only say what is expected of them? It’s an important part of sports and fan culture. Spectators need their types and different camps are needed. Drivers should be more involved and say something when not asked. When I look back , the fight on the track and also in the paddock was very difficult. We still had a respect and a friendship developed from there. “Everything in its time,” said the racing veteran.

And the current pilots?
Kevin Schwantz: “There are strong people today too. Pecco is a worthy world champion and Marc is a real champion, and maybe one of the future again.

The message from the 500cc world champion is clear. 100% on the bike and the big mouth are the best links in the game. In this sense, Pedro Acosta is doing a good job.