Rimac is thinking about a diesel engine for the next hypercar

Rimac is thinking about a diesel engine for the next hypercar

It is powered by four electric motors Rimac refrigerator collects one race after the next speed record, and thus shows what electric hypercars are capable of against the clock. Now the Croatian manufacturer has always said that the electric car was not an end in itself, but a means to achieve that performance. Mate Rimac and his colleagues are now already looking at the new technology.

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Range extender op diesel

Rimac is currently investigating a new type of nanotechnology where electricity is produced from liquid substances such as diesel, LPG or hydrogen. This software could make internal combustion engines up to 80% more efficient than they are now, eliminating the need for large battery packs. So, the Croatian sports car maker envisions a compact and lighter, high-performance diesel range extender.

Big advantage: less weight and more range. And thanks to the compact size, there will also be more freedom to improve the design, which, along with the design, aerodynamics would benefit in particular. Disadvantages: unlike conventional BEVs such as the Rimac Nevera, this technology does not emit CO2. But these are very small amounts of emissions, according to Mate Rimac.

Source: Autocar