Rimac Robotaxis Ship Coming By 2026, Says Boss

Rimac Robotaxis Ship Coming By 2026, Says Boss

January 3, 2023 – As the head of the company told the British Motor vehicleRimac’s robot should be here by 2026. Rimac indicated that the car should be delivered at the beginning of this year, with a commercial launch two years later.

Like Index reminds, Rimac Automobili has been working on autonomous driving technology since 2017, and last year the company received almost EUR 200 million in EU funds to develop its robotaxi project.

Rimac: we want to attract the attention of investors to other projects with Nevera

In an interview with the British Autocar company, the co-founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili Mate Rimac said that Nevera, a car worth 2 million dollars, is a product that they use to promote other projects in the company. He described self-driving taxis as vehicles that aim to “change people’s lives” by providing easy access to urban mobility.

Autocar says that Rimac plans to develop and build an infrastructure for self-driving cars that includes charging stations, warehouses and parking areas. Rimac described the self-driving car as “a completely different kind of car”.

Rimac: Robotics can change the way people move around cities

There are still no pictures or specifications of the robotaxi, but from Rimac, reports Autocar, they claim that the car will have a unique design. It should be delivered at the beginning of this year, and will be commercially launched in 2026, says Mate Rimac for Autocar, adding that “such a car can change the way people move around cities” and that “it will be a high-quality service.” , which does not mean it will be expensive”.

Like Index wrote recently, though, that nothing has been done on Rimec’s robotaxis project for two years and there is not even a prototype of the robotaxis.

Robotaxis are manufactured by the Rimac Group company under the name Project 3 Mobility (P3M). Their headquarters are in Zagreb, and they also have a research center in the UK. On the official website of P3M, it is now said that they plan to introduce a robot axis on the streets of Zagreb in 2026, and then next year in England and Germany. Rimac plans for P3M to remain in Croatia, where tens of thousands of vehicles will be produced and shipped annually.

Investors in the company include South Korean carmaker Kia, as well as Infinum, a Croatian digital products company.

the head of the robotaxi company defends Rimac, as he was not involved in the project; Rimac makes a new promise

In September last year, there was another discussion about Rimac breaking the deadline with the robotaxis project, so Marko Pejković, CEO of the company Project 3 Mobility, which manages robotaxis, defended him on LinkedIn.

He then said that Mate Rimac had not been involved in the project for many years and that moving the deadlines was not his fault. Pejković also listed the things that the P3M company has done so far, and claims that they are all good things. It is also worth noting that, according to court records, Mate Rimac is the founder and chairman of the management board of the company Project 3 Mobility, although Pejković says in his announcement that he is only on the management board.

But based on Rimac’s statements to British Autocar, it seems that he is very involved in the project and is fully aware of all the details, including the deadline he promised.

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