Riot Games is reportedly considering Europe for Worlds 2024, with venues in London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona

Riot Games is reportedly considering Europe for Worlds 2024, with venues in London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona

As we prepare for the start of the Summer Split, several sources have told our colleagues at Esports News UK that League of Legends Worlds 2024 could take place in Europe, specifically London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

World 2024 in Europe?

The 2023 Mid-Season Invitational has been over for almost 1 week now; the teams that qualified for this first international event of the 2023 season have all left London and returned home, resting to prepare for the Summer Split with the goal of qualifying for the 2023 League of Legends Worlds. If all goes well then, the next international meeting will be the World Championship; on January 10, Riot Games confirmed that League of Legends Worlds would be held this year in South Korea. After five years, the League of Legends World Championship has returned to Korea, home of the reigning world champions and considered the birthplace of esports.

While all eyes are on this next big event, behind the scenes, it seems that we are already starting to prepare for the next competition season; Riot Games is already thinking and studying where this season’s two international events could take place, and if we are to believe the recent rumors circulating on the web, Worlds 2024 will probably take place in Europe. Multiple sources have told Esports News UK that the upcoming Heroes World Cup could be held in London, England, specifically at the O2 Arena, a 20,000-seat arena that has hosted Madonna, Genesis and Masters, among others. Riot Games is reportedly in talks with the UK government and organizations such as London & Partners and the Greater London Authority.

Esports News UK also says its sources have told it that in addition to London, Worlds 2024 could also be held in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. Of course, this information should be considered as rumors, and therefore should not be considered 100% reliable, as long as Riot Games has not made a statement to this effect. It could also be that no decision has been made yet, and that the American studio is still considering its options for next year. The last world in Europe started in 2021, Riot Games had chosen Iceland and the city of Reykjavík; As for Paris, we have to go back to 2019, when the AccorHotels Arena hosted the grand final of the tournament.