Road test and reviews of the new Mitsubishi Space Star 2023, a quality Japanese car for 15,000 euros

Road test and reviews of the new Mitsubishi Space Star 2023, a quality Japanese car for 15,000 euros

Mitsubishi has unveiled an updated version of the Space Star, showcasing a revamped front end, an enhanced multimedia system, and an array of cutting-edge driver assistance technologies. While the compact design limits cargo capacity compared to other models in its segment, the cockpit provides ample space for passengers. Let’s delve into a detailed description of the driving experience:

Mitsubishi Space Star 2023: An Impressive Performance on the Road

Opinions from Enthusiasts

Mitsubishi Space Star 2023: An Unexpectedly Spacious Ride

Despite its small stature, the Mitsubishi Space Star 2023 surprises with its five-door body and surprisingly roomy interior. Even two adults can comfortably travel on the sofa-like seats, enjoying ample legroom and headroom without any inconvenience.

The trunk offers a sufficient capacity of 210 liters, expandable to 912 liters when the seats are folded down. Although the passenger compartment lacks distinctive features and employs economical plastics, the controls are easily accessible. Notably, the central console houses climate control and radio controls, while a convenient double-action cup holder sits in front of the gear lever.

Effortless Maneuverability in Urban Traffic

The Mitsubishi Space Star 2023 effortlessly navigates through congested city streets. However, its steering, assisted by electricity, feels excessively light, and at high speeds, the car lacks exceptional stability, although its overall behavior remains predictable.

Equipped with a 71 bhp 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, the Space Star delivers satisfying acceleration, particularly in lower gears. However, higher gears may not provide the same level of responsiveness. Furthermore, the car boasts commendable fuel efficiency. The model range includes a two-fuel version for LPG as well as one with a continuously variable ratio automatic transmission. The standard features of the Space Star 2023 are already impressively comprehensive, surpassing expectations.

Impressions on the New Mitsubishi Space Star 2023

The Mitsubishi Space Star 2023 comes with a generous range of standard equipment, making it suitable for various driving conditions. Its compact size, with a remarkable turning radius of only 4.6 meters and a length of 380 cm, ensures easy maneuverability in urban traffic.

Despite its compactness, the cabin of the Mitsubishi Space Star offers ample legroom even for rear passengers. While the trunk capacity is not exceptionally large, it remains understandable given the car’s robust nature.

The driver’s seat is slightly elevated, providing a better view of the road ahead. Narrow pillars enhance side visibility, and the car’s overall design contributes to better rear visibility as well.

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The 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine in the new Mitsubishi Space Star 2023 is an improvement, but it performs optimally when paired with lower gears due to engine noise. The interior quality is reasonable, although the plastics used exhibit stiffness and an economical design, particularly noticeable in the door panel areas. Some visible screws are also present.

While the Space Star is not intended for heavy hauling, its higher boot sill, positioned 75 cm above the ground, and a narrower section of the room may pose challenges. The electrically assisted steering enhances ease of driving, but it falls short of providing the precision required for high-speed maneuvers.