Roll over at the intersection.  This is how priority execution can stop (video)

Roll over at the intersection. This is how priority execution can stop (video)

Ignoring traffic laws is a very unwise idea that can lead to unfortunate incidents. This is another example of this.

In such cases, it is difficult to talk about the purpose. Apathy and thoughtlessness are more likely. This time, their result was a rollover at the intersection. The incident was recorded by a camera installed in the witness’s car.

The quality of the material is not amazing, but it allows you to see the effects of carelessness. Let’s start with the fact that the accident happened on May 21 before 17:00 in the town of Mizerów in the district of Pszczyna.

Roll over at the intersection

Suddenly, Dacia appeared in front of the recorder’s bonnet, sliding on its side until it overturned. Rescue services and police were called to the scene. The victim was given the necessary medical assistance. He was then transported to the hospital.

>A very careless change of route. Effects (video)

Officers who arrived at the scene noted that the rollover at the intersection was due to forcing the right of way by the 41-year-old driver of the Volkswagen Golf. The woman was coming from Lipki Street and ignored the Dacia approaching from the left.

After some time, the side of the Romanian SUV was hit, causing the vehicle to lose control and overturn. A resident of Jastrzębie Zdrój pleaded guilty. Officers ticketed him.

The recorder was lucky to stop the car about two meters from the intersection, because he himself would be involved in the accident.

The man who was hospitalized did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. It is possible that the possibility of increased punishment for the criminal will depend on the length of stay of the victim in the hospital.

This incident is another cautionary tale for all road users. Obeying the right of way is one of the most common mistakes that cause collisions and accidents. Let’s not ignore the signs, because they are very dangerous.