Rolls-Royce broke a unique record.  More than 6,000 vehicles were delivered to customers

Rolls-Royce broke a unique record. More than 6,000 vehicles were delivered to customers

Rolls-Royce can open the best champagne. The Goodwood Manufactory has had a great year. And this is a taste of the beginning of the electric age, which can bring better sales.

How many cars do you think Rolls-Royce sells each year? A thousand? Two thousand? Nothing could be worse. This iconic brand broke the all-time record in 2022, delivering as many as 6,021 new cars to customers.. This is the best result in the company’s 118-year history. Where were the best results recorded and what were the best-selling brands?

Rolls-Royce offers its cars in 50 countries. Growth is seen in all markets

It would seem that a few years ago it hit the wallets of almost everyone. At the same time, it turns out that the rich went on a big purchase – and did not save in car dealerships. The British brand recorded growth in all markets and in many countries.

For example, sales increased rapidly in Germany and Great Britain. China, in turn, has become the second market for this company. No one should be surprised that many small series are created with customers from this country in mind.

And which cars were the most interesting? No surprises here. Undoubtedly, the Rolls-Royce family is led by the Cullinan, which attracts many people to the showrooms. Second place went to Ghost, enjoying great and undiminished popularity in Asia and the Pacific. Phantom takes third place.

This is what the Specter model looks like up close – VIDEO

But that’s not all. Almost every car is heavily modified at the discretion of the owner Bespoke program. As a result, the final prices of all models can be up to 2 million more than the initial amount.

They look to the future with great hope. The electric Specter model is already generating a lot of interest

Note – the number of orders already exceeds the production capacity of the brand. Regular Rolls-Royce customers are looking forward to the electric coupe, which could be a very interesting car and a game changer in the luxury car segment.

The first units of this car will be delivered to customers in the fourth quarter of this year – and they will certainly stand out in terms of specifications. For its part, the British are working hard on more electric cars, including a new high-end limousine, which will run exclusively on electricity. This is a sign of the times – for the first time in the brand’s 118-year history, powerful V engines are no longer available.