Rolls-Royce Ghost is already in Poland.  Price is crazy

Rolls-Royce Ghost is already in Poland. Price is crazy

Poland was only occupied by the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Two copies of the new Ghost appeared at the Rolls-Royce showroom in Warsaw. The British brand’s small limousine prices, however, will put off many customers. The cheapest version costs the equivalent of 250,000. euros. Including VAT and excise duty.

There is more than PLN 1.6 million for a cheap setup, but if one has to calculate, it means that it is not affordable. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is not for those trying to save. Its smaller dimensions (5.55 meters long and 1.98 meters wide) are intended to appeal to customers who like to drive themselves.

Ghost is not only the newest, but also the most modern Rolls-Royce. It was built on an aluminum platform used for cars of this brand. At the same time, Cullinan i was created Phantom. “Duch” has all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, and under its long bonnet is a V12 engine with a capacity of 6.75 liters with a capacity of 571 KM.

The Spirit of Rolls-Royce photo by Łukasz Kifer

Rolls-Royce Ghost is the ultimate in beauty

According to the manufacturer’s representatives, it marks the “post-rich” era and should be more common than the old models. Looking at the illuminated grille, the stars shining on the headrest and the instrument panel, the refrigerator with a glass decanter and glasses, and the sheep wool rugs to sink the shoes in, it is difficult to agree with them.

In our opinion, the Rolls-Royce Ghost still surrounds consumers with pride and luxury. You don’t even have to drive it to find out. It is enough to stay in the spacious interior. And when driving, it can be worse. After all, the manufacturer used more than 100 kg of soundproofing material to make it sound. Then he began to worry that he was not hearing the proverbial rumours engineso it had to be modified more of the body.

Rolls-Royce Ghost is quite modern and elegant, but it does not surprise with information. Although it has digital gauges, it hesitates to see autonomous driving systems. To our question, the customers of this noble brand do not expect that car will drive them, head of PR for Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, Frank Tiemann answered that Rolls-Royce users prefer to communicate with people. Well, our customer is our boss. The first of them saw the new Goodwood limousine on the day of its national debut.

The Spirit of Rolls-RoyceThe Spirit of Rolls-Royce photo by Łukasz Kifer