Rolls-Royce is aiming high.  It will soon send its nuclear reactor to the moon

Rolls-Royce is aiming high. It will soon send its nuclear reactor to the moon

This would be built as part of the Artemis plan, which assumes the return of man to the Silver Globe and the creation of long-term equipment on the spot. Rolls Royce is famous for its dedication to the design of parts and engines that can be found in military aircraft, civilian aircraft and even submarines.

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In addition, the British company participates in the design of nuclear power plants. One of these, called a small modular reactor (SMR), will become operational by 2029, which will be one of the cornerstones of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the UK.

One SMR would generate at least 470 megawatts of electricity and cost about 3 billion dollars. To date, three units of this type have been launched in the world: two in Russia and the third in China. A small Rolls-Royce device is to serve the Moon colonists. The involvement of the British does not end there, as they are also working on a rocket engine for a two-stage carrier rocket.

Rolls-Royce has been working on small modular mills for years

The small Rolls-Royce engine is designed to use a safe and long-lasting type of fuel. Each uranium particle is enclosed in many protective layers that act as a closed system, allowing it to withstand adverse conditions.
company representatives explain

For his part, Jake Thompson adds that the work being done uses existing knowledge in the field of nuclear energy. Thanks to him, designing small reactors that will lay foundations on the Moon or Mars is easy and should provide a reliable and clean energy source for astronauts living in these areas.

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Reactors of this type can also prove to be a godsend for the inhabitants of Earth, who never fly in space. They are cheap, quick to build and do not produce many harmful substances for the environment. However, nuclear power has many opponents, who are primarily afraid that failure could lead to radiation leaks.