Rolls-Royce Phantom 2018: photos, prices, engines, accessories

Rolls-Royce Phantom 2018: photos, prices, engines, accessories

( – Sir Henry Royce had nothing short of the best car in the world when he presented the first Phantom model in 1925 from a car manufacturer he and his partner Charles Rolls introduced. Exactly 92 years later, Rolls-Royce Motors Cars presents the eighth generation of their best products with the same claims.

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII 2018


As always, when a luxury brand presents a new product to the public, it is more than just a collection of state-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art comfort and fine craftsmanship. In the current case, the manufacturer considers the car to be charged in the detailed sense which is subsumed in the term “luxury architecture”. Unlike mass producers who develop conventional platforms for different models to reduce costs, the future of real luxury lies in small quantities and individual productions.

“This insight was a time of clarity about Rolls-Royce’s decision,” says CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös. “Luxury architecture,” adds Chief Development Officer Philip Koehn, will also be a defining feature of Rolls-Royce’s future creation, not only for the Cullinan SUV project, but also for Ghost, Wraith and Dawn ‘s successor models “will continue. “.

Dimensions: height, wheelbase

Reduction and platform approach, lightweight construction and high speeds of over 250 km / h – what other developers value is not relevant to Rolls-Royce. Large, heavy, hand-crafted from the finest and most affordable material for most modern people – the eighth generation of Phantom also fulfills what is expected from it. Changes can only be perceived by the second view or not at all.

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII 2018

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII 2018 zoom

In fact, there is even the most common form of Phantom’s decline, because the powerful and angular grille – which has always been a display of strength, beauty and confidence (also of the owner) – has become a little smaller, and. its circular shape flows horizontally into the overall structure. Design boss Gilles Taylor and his team started with the first body drawings about five years ago. The “short” version has a length of 5.76 meters and a wheel of 3.55 meters.

Customers with the greatest need for comfort prefer to use the “Land of Extended Wheels”, i.e. an expanded wheel base, which will result in a 5.98-meter-long car in the future. This means that the Phantom is exactly 1.05 meters taller than, for example, the 5-row BMW, which is not suspected to be a small car.


The fact that Rolls-Royce has not expanded its latest product by more than six meters is easy to explain: for some time now, a bus driver’s license has been required in China to drive more than this standard, which would cause problems for well-to-do customers. they could. Their task is not easy though, as the new car has a rotation of about 14 meters.

The rear part of the Phantom VIII also manifests itself in the flow of fluids. The smooth line extends from the upper edge of the window – where the antennae are now – and slides neatly to the rear lights. The rear doors that open in different directions remain the Roll-of-the-line Roll mark. Anyone who is one of the few chosen to be allowed to enter the interior can reach the star. Above it is the largest glowing sky ever seen on a limousine. The fiber optic cable is transmitted to 1,500 volatile fibers that transmit light from a single LED source to the ocean with radiant particles.

The way Rolls-Royce defines the term “art in construction” can in the future not only be recognized by hand-painted “coaches”, which can be attached to the car’s edges on request. “Design” is the concept of dashboard design, where individual artistic designs made of wood, precious metal or other decorative materials find their place on the passenger side behind a transparent glass surface.

interior and accessories

Monitoring and control tests of many safety and comfort functions are not very high for that reason. “Predictable driving” is to ensure two cameras that are mounted on the road in front of the phantom and provide data for appropriate chase adjustments.

Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII 2018 Cockpit

Cockpit Rolls Royce Phantom VIII zoom

To give the occupants more peace and stability, there is a double glazing of 6 mm on all sides, and about 130 kg of moisture and insulation material is also installed. It can be assumed that a complete array of warning and support systems are on board, the same applies to services such as top-level display, WLAN mail and the new generation generation system.

The artistic approach led to the design of the new dashboard, says design director Gilles Taylor. Art, its collection and handling are an integral part of the lifestyle of many customers, which is why it should also be reflected in their car, it is a brand philosophy here.

Engine, hp, 0-100, price

Although BMW engine engineers now manage it, the “six-quarter-quarter” measure remains the cultural size of the English luxury car. Until 1998, the performance of Rolls-Royce cars was provided as “adequate” by the factory, but today we know it more accurately: 420 kW (571 hp) is distributed over a dozen cylinders per unit of charge, which corresponds to an increase. capacity of about 110 horses.

Photo: Rolls Royce Phantom 2018

The ZF’s eight-speed gearbox is responsible for distributing Newton’s 900-meter maximum torque to the rear axle in such a way that the acceleration of the proverb remains in line with the coefficient of road surface friction. The 2.5 ton drum is therefore accelerated up to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.3 seconds, and “hard”, as the manufacturer likes to emphasize. If you convert the UK consumption from miles per gallon to continental European gatherings, you will reach around 14.1 / 100 km.

Non-religious categories such as investment are usually foreign to Rolls-Royce customers, and given the expected number, it can be assumed that phantoms will not exacerbate climate change, even with a CO2 emission of 318 grams per kilometer. According to Torsten Müller-Ötvös, “a good starting price” can be expected, should be around 500,000 euros.

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