Rolls-Royce presents its third Droptail model: the Arcadia

Rolls-Royce presents its third Droptail model: the Arcadia

The name Arcadia refers to Greek mythology: it was a place that represented paradise on earth, a place known for its extraordinary natural beauty and perfect harmony. And it’s a safe bet that the owner of this Arcadia Droptail will experience similar feelings inside his new driveway.

The Arcadia Droptail is first distinguished from the Amethyst Droptail and the Black Rose Droptail, the first two Coachbuild Roadster Droptails produced by the British manufacturer, with a white production fitted with glass and aluminum particles, and reinforced aluminum components. Carbon fiber is usually left visible in some painted areas here, and the rear features, as on other Droptail Roadster models, a very impressive bridge made up of 76 pieces of wood.

The passenger compartment of the car, partially covered in “Bespoke White” and sand-colored leather, is also covered in rare fine wood. 8,000 hours of work were required for the brand’s specialists to assemble 233 pieces of Santos Straight Grain wood, which cover almost all aspects of this passenger compartment.

A unique watch with 119 features

The Santos Straight Grain veneer front also includes a watch designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce Coachbuild designers and craftsmen. This piece of fine watchmaking is the most complex Rolls-Royce watch face ever created: its assembly alone required five months of work, preceded by more than two years of development.

The watch features a geometric guilloche pattern in raw steel with 119 parts. This is a nod to the brand’s heritage, as the customer first saw a preview of the car at the end of 2023, the year Rolls-Royce celebrated its 119th anniversary. The specially designed watch face also features partially polished, partially polished hands, and 12 hand-painted “rosaries” (hour markers).

Like other Droptail Coachbuild Roadster models, the Arcadia Droptail finally gets into its monocoque chassis made of carbon fiber, steel and aluminum, a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 block of 600 hp and 840 Nm that pushes it from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds, and allows to reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

“The Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail wonderfully demonstrates the true nature of the Coachbuild proposition by completely changing the character of the car,” says Anders Warming, design director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “With the Arcadia Droptail, we witness a small and subtle creation, inspired by the lifestyle of a person who has a unique taste for British luxury. By creating this car we once again prove our unparalleled ability in the synthesis and execution of the design bespoke at its highest level.