Rolls-Royce receives funding to develop nuclear reactor for Moon exploration

Rolls-Royce receives funding to develop nuclear reactor for Moon exploration

The British luxury car manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, has secured funding to develop a nuclear reactor capable of powering lunar exploration. This funding comes from the UK’s space agency, the UK Space Agency, and is part of the UK’s lunar exploration program, Lunar Mission One.

Rolls-Royce will be responsible for designing, building, and testing the small nuclear reactor, which will be used to supply energy to robotic lunar rovers. The reactor will be powered by a uranium-235 fuel rod and will be capable of providing up to 10 kilowatts of power for up to 10 years. This will enable the rovers to explore the Moon and its surface for a longer period of time than current solar-powered rovers.

The reactor is being designed to meet stringent safety and environmental requirements, including shielding to protect astronauts and other spacecraft from radiation. Rolls-Royce is also developing a miniature version of the reactor for use in ground testing.

The UK Space Agency will be investing £4 million into the development of the reactor, and Rolls-Royce is confident that it will be able to produce a working prototype within two years. This is an exciting development for Lunar Mission One, as the reactor will be an essential component of any future lunar exploration mission.

By developing a reliable, long-lasting power source, Rolls-Royce is paving the way for a new era of lunar exploration. The company’s expertise in nuclear engineering, combined with the UK Space Agency’s commitment to funding the project, will ensure that the project is a success.