Ronnie Ferrari with a controversial debut.  “Heavy Street Rap”

Ronnie Ferrari with a controversial debut. “Heavy Street Rap”

“Siema” is an experiment from Włocławek, a 23-year-old artist who has been creating for 9 years. He made his mark on the Polish scene with great success, paving the way in various fields.

Hubert – Because that is the name of the artist who publishes under the pseudonym Ronnie Ferrari – He does not hide that the release of the song in such a dark environment did not happen without reason. An important issue for the musician is to remember how the style of music in many people’s lives is street rap:

– The piece itself was created very quickly. It was my first Drill beat I made. Because of his dark nature, we decided to dress him in heavy street rap and his features. I would like to focus on the flexibility of my genre, because somewhere in my childhood this heavy rap appeared. This piece aims to remind all listeners what kind of people listen to street music. Sometimes the houses are not clean and pleasant, because mine was not like that, but I remember that everyone was standing behind each other like a wall, it is a respect for them.

There is no need to hide – the latest work of the musician is very strong in comparison with others, published so far. Despite the extreme weather, it can be ironic and even commercial. The text is a collection of very strong phrases that are – as the artist pointed out – just fiction.

– If I were to describe the environment in which I see what I hear, it is certainly the night, in the rain, full of hatred. The weather is very cold and harsh. I would like to experiment more, so I am analyzing other genres of music that I will also present to you in the near future. And immediately after the premiere, I believe that there will be another song, of course lighter, which will definitely be heard in the cars.

Ronnie Ferrari is a musician, singer and composer of contemporary music. He creates complete arrangements using syntheses created by himself – So you can call it sound engineering. Hubert is a certified diamond producer (twice) thanks to the song “She Would Like It”, which he composed, wrote and performed himself.

As he claims – it basically starts working only when he loses intelligence, so he doesn’t create anything by force. According to the artist, making music carefully is like sudoku – Everything in the composition must have its place, and the title must be entertaining. The creator of hits “Origami” or “Hangman” likes to experiment – Whenever he has the opportunity, he chooses the most extraordinary solutions. Therefore, the audience often responds with approval. The studio session energizes him – he often says that nothing gives him an emotional release like creating in the recording studio, and he describes it in itself as the ultimate anti-depressant worth reaching for.