Rupees will be electricity only.  Volkswagen shows plans and dates

Rupees will be electricity only. Volkswagen shows plans and dates

The top R unit, representing Volkswagen’s sports models, will be an electric unit earlier than the rest of the brand’s range. However, electrification will not mean canceling the performance.

The decision was confirmed in a recent conversation with British Autocar magazine by Reinhold Ivenz himself – head of Volkswagen’s R department. He admitted that the first steps in the subject of change have already been taken. Several electric models are already planned. However, there are still no specific dates for their introduction to the market. “Different concepts and possibilities are considered,” explains Ivenz.

The announcement shows that the electric Rupees would be distinguished not only by a fast and powerful car, but also by a short charging time, and the range of the range itself would be the same as before. So we can expect counterparts of the current T-ROC, Tiguan or Golf.

Of course, the process of change will be gradual. This means that there will be no shortage of diesel rupees for a few more years. The cut-off date after which these will disappear from the offer will be 2030. This means that Volkswagen will electrify the sport version earlier than its other vehicles.

I must admit that it is quite an interesting procedure. Time will tell how it will be received by customers who have been used to strong German gasoline for many years.