Russell expects Mercedes to be able to go along with Ferrari and Red Bull in Silverstone

Russell expects Mercedes to be able to go along with Ferrari and Red Bull in Silverstone

George Russell hopes that the Mercedes, because of the updates, may come closer to Ferrari and Red Bull in Silverstone. But Mercedes will not be faster than those teams, Russell immediately irritates the prospect.

Mercedes is still slightly behind Ferrari and Red Bull, but in the last two races the team showed that it is increasingly returning to the top. Mercedes took third and fourth place in the race in Azerbaijan and Canada. With the Silverstone race updates, Mercedes hopes to take another step forward. George Russell expects the team to do well this weekend as well.

“If you look at the last three races, it was just like the slow speed and the rotation of the road,” Russell said. “I think Silverstone’s fast-paced nature, with a flat pitch, will benefit us more than it has been the case in the last three races.”

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But, Russell immediately irritates the prospect, ‘no guarantee’. “Like I said, every race we get is a different problem with the car. But we are so confident that we will be more competitive this weekend, not only because of the improvement but also the nature of the song,” said Briton.

Russell expects the W13 in Silverstone to come close to Red Bull and Ferrari. “I think we can be at their pace, but I don’t see it happening that we will be faster. They have an advantage in qualifying, especially on Saturday. I think we are the only team to close the gap on the top teams on Sunday, instead of widening that gap.”

“These gaps are usually always great in the race,” continues Russell. “That’s very reassuring for us because we lack the energy, but we really have a good race car,” concludes the Mercedes driver.