Russell: we are the same as Ferrari and Red Bull

Russell: we are the same as Ferrari and Red Bull

George Russell estimates the potential for Mercedes in Silverstone. He even thinks the car could be similar to Ferrari and Red Bull, with Mercedes vying for victory. He tells her this

Mercedes has already experienced a lot of ups and downs this season, especially due to porposing caused. Although the team seems porposing increasingly under control. George Russell thinks the team can compete to win this weekend.

Silverstone Character

The last three races are held in parallel cycles. Now that they are fleeing to Silverstone, it has changed a bit. The pitch is soft and the character of the song is comparable to that of Barcelona. Russell thinks those things are best for Mercedes, but they still need to be careful. “Silverstone’s natural speed and smooth asphalt certainly favors us more than the previous three events, but there is still no guarantee. Every race we have to deal with a different problem,” said Russell. Despite this, the team is confident it will be a good weekend. “We are so confident that this will be the most competitive weekend from our side, not just because of the improvement, but just because of the character of the song.”

“We want more”

Russell thinks that Silverstone’s satisfaction with the car puts them on par with Ferrari and Red Bull. “I think we are probably right. I do not expect to be ahead of them. Especially on Saturday they seem to have the upper hand in qualifying,” said the Englishman. Although there are still several problems with low power the team will be able to close the gap on Sunday. “I think we are the only team that closes the gap on Sunday, instead of adding more. Usually the gap increases in the race. That is hopeless for us. We have a shortage at the moment. low powerRussell says.

The Mercedes driver has been very supportive of finishing 5th in every race so far, but that is not what Russell wants. “Finishing between three and five won’t put you in the top three of the world championships at the end of the year. We’re here to win, fight. And I’m proud that we’ve increased the results. But we want it for the Lake.”

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