Russian ambassador offers Nord Stream 2 as an alternative – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Russian ambassador offers Nord Stream 2 as an alternative – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Against the background of freezing the supply of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the Russian Ambassador in Berlin, Sergey Nechayev, offered to put the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into operation.

The pipeline “is ready for use, it is full of gas, it meets the requirements, and a technical inspection has been carried out,” he said in an interview with the daily newspaper “Izvestia” published on Monday. The only thing missing is the political will of the federal government. Netchayev refused to restart Nord Stream 1 under current conditions.

Suspension of delivery due to alleged technical problems

Russia’s state-owned company Gazprom has now completely halted gas supplies through Nord Stream 1, which was already heavily restricted – citing technical problems that are allegedly intractable due to the restrictions. Russian President Vladimir Putin also brought up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline as an alternative.

In Berlin it is suspected that Moscow only put forward the failure of Nord Stream 1 in order to achieve its political goals – including the establishment of Nord Stream 2 and easing the pressure from sanctions. The federal government suspended the Nord Stream 2 approval process in February shortly before Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

In late July, Russia cut shipments from Nord Stream 1, citing a faulty turbine. Meanwhile, there is still a refurbished Nord Stream 1 turbine in Mülheim, which has been waiting for weeks to be shipped to Russia.

The last remaining turbine has a technical defect, oil is leaking, said Nechayev. Nechayev dismissed Siemens Energy’s claim that the oil leak was not significant as “unacceptable”. “Bad systems don’t work,” he said. Germany cannot do without Russian gas in the short term.

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