Russian is difficult for Ferrari.  “That’s a joke”

Russian is difficult for Ferrari. “That’s a joke”

Ferrari has been criticized for weeks for the decisions made by the team’s strategists. Vitaliy Petrov left no stone unturned in Maranello’s tactics. “They are funny,” said the former F1 driver.

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Charles Leclerc ahead of Carlos Sainz

Press / Ferrari / Pictured: Charles Leclerc in front of Carlos Sainz

In fact, since the beginning of the 2022 season in Formula 1 there has been a debate about the decisions made by Ferrari’s strategists. This year there were many races in which Charles Leclerc lost his chance to win due to incorrect tactical decisions. The situation is so bad for the 24-year-old that he will most likely lose his F1 championship.

The Ferrari driver is 80 points behind championship leader Max Verstappen, while the Italian team is 97 points behind Red Bull Racing in the constructors’ championship.

A meme showing Ferrari key figures sitting on the command wall on pit lane has gone viral online. It’s that instead of the Italian team clothes, they are presented as circus performers. According to Vitaly Petrov, the funny exchange of Internet users perfectly reflects the reality of the Maranello company.

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– Yes, Ferrari strategists are a joke. I agree with that, said the former F1 driver in an interview with journalist Mikhail Gorevanov on social networks.

According to Petrov, part of the blame for Ferrari’s current situation also lies on the shoulders of the drivers. “Unfortunately, there were times when they made mistakes they shouldn’t have made,” said the Russian, who was Renault’s Robert Kubica’s partner in 2010.

Ferrari will have the opportunity to bounce back from the standings next weekend, when Formula 1 returns from its month-long break. However, Leclerc may find it difficult to fight to win the Belgian GP again. According to unofficial information from the paddock, the engine may be changed in Monakijan’s car, which will lead to a penalty change on the starting grid.

The Ferrari leader’s problems with the power unit are the result of errors that occurred in the Spanish GP and the Azerbaijan GP. In both cases, Leclerc was out of contention while in the lead.

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