Ryanair with new destinations from Poland.  This is where you run in the winter – Safari

Ryanair with new destinations from Poland. This is where you run in the winter – Safari

The new winter flight network will be operational in early October and November. We will find new connections in it. Tourists from Bydgoszcz will be able to fly to Bristol, England with Ryanair. Travelers from Warsaw Thanks to a new connection in the Wizz Air offer, they will be able to fly to Madeira from Sunday. As it turns out, this is not the end, because Ryanair decided to offer a special offer to passengers from Krakow.

Ryanair with new destinations from Krakow to Israel

Israel is definitely one of the most attractive places, especially in winter. Aviation expert Sean M. informs on Twitter that from December 18, it will be possible to fly from the capital of Lesser Poland to Ramon airport, which is located near the tourist city of Eilat. Flights to the southern city of Israel will also be possible from Belgium, Lithuania and France.


Eilat is a unique destination, especially in winter. In December, the temperature during the day can reach 23 ℃ there, and in January up to 21 ℃. It’s a nice change from the Polish snows. An additional advantage of this area is the influence of the desert climate, which makes it difficult to find clouds in the sky. The annual rainfall here is only 28 mm.

Eilat is one of the tourist centers of Israel. Thanks to its location on the Red Sea, travelers can spend hours walking along the 10-kilometer long beaches. Fun lovers should try scuba diving, as well as water sports. A unique attraction is also diving at the Dolphin Reef, which, apart from dolphins, is also inhabited by sea lions. Another unique attraction is the Underwater Park and Sea Park, where tourists can admire the richness of the underwater world. We can also find an aquarium here.

Ryanair is not the only airline to resume flights to Ramon Airport. In the near future, Wizz Air and Finnish airlines Finnair will also be seen here. Unfortunately, none of these carriers offer flights to Eilat from our country.

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