Sainz’s Ferrari 812 Competizione: here are the pictures

Sainz’s Ferrari 812 Competizione: here are the pictures

Before Christmas we told you about Ferrari 812 Competizione Of Carlos Sainz. A video was posted on Twitter of a meeting visit by a Spanish pilot of the “sliding horse”, who was able to admire his new supercar in almost perfect shape. Today we return briefly to the topic, because the house of Maranello has published some photos of the model on the official Facebook profile, at the time of delivery.

The Sainz-targeted model benefits from the department’s customization treatment Tailor Made. The result is a stunning sartorial feat. As already reported in previous article, the regular supplier of the “reds” in Formula 1 has carefully chosen every detail of the configuration, to treat himself to a car that perfectly matches his taste. The body work is gray, with red inserts and different rims in black tones, for an interesting and mysterious combination that does not go unnoticed, even if the red has the best effect, in my opinion. The cabinet has good features. words “Smooth operator“, the pilot’s nickname.

As a great connoisseur, Carlos Sainz has chosen arace car and flakes to further decorate his garage. The Ferrari 812 Competizione is, in fact, a work of art on four wheels. Its engineering reaches to the top, like a performance canvas. A worthy successor to the F12 tdf, this supercar takes on the already stellar content 812 Very quickly. The aerodynamic approach is very precise, the result of precise studies on the computer and in the wind tunnel, to obtain maximum power. The result is a special and intense beauty that leaves you speechless. It is impossible to resist the hormonal call of this creature of “A dancing horse“.

With him, the performance and technological system of front-engined GTs becomes more intense, with a positive effect also on an emotional level. the sound is amazing The V12 is naturally aspirated with a displacement of 6.5 liters, which provides the beauty of 830 horses of high power. This translates to acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.85 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 7.5 seconds. The maximum speed is more than 340 km / h. The moments found on the track were amazing. At Fiorano, the Ferrari 812 Competizione completes the circuit in 1’20”. The SF90 Stradale, with its 1000 horsepower hybrid, is not far behind.

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