sales are also falling in the Girondin market

sales are also falling in the Girondin market

1 Relative power increase

What? What are the characteristics of the Girondin market, the urban area of ​​Bordeaux with more than 800,000 inhabitants, with its share of different signs, the traffic in the city of course, but also the high shopping potential? In this regard, the electric car niche is revealing. Surprisingly, it increased “only” by 14% in the department, while Landes (+36%), Dordogne (+27%), Charente-Maritime (+26%) and to a lesser extent Lot-et-Garonne (+ 21%) posted a more sustained increase. A possible track: an interesting phenomenon in many rural departments?

2 Diesel at half mast

Let me say, the time is not so far when electricity had the weight of 1% of the market is over. In Gironde, electric vehicles represented 14% of sales last year (compared to 11% in 2021) with 5,184 registrations. In addition to gasoline, which stands out at 36%, but in the diesel wheel (14.2%, down from 33%), up to 83 cars. Hybrid engines are already far ahead, with a large market share of 31%. Electric or hybrid motors: they will not have avoided the norm that if the market is in full change, it translates to a higher average price, with the risk of making the new car a luxury product. It should be noted, however, that the average age of a Girondin buyer has decreased by one year: 55 years against 56 in 2021, but 53 in 2011. In addition, in the case of inflation, alternative engines (superethanol, LPG) provide interest, giving an increase of 16 percent to 1,628 units.

3 Dacia Sandero number 1

In France as Gironde, for the first time in ages, neither Renault nor Peugeot led the sales, but Dacia, and Sandero. Peugeot 208 and Citroen C3 follow, despite a significant decrease, -17% for one, -22% for the other. And so it is the Clio that falls, is knocked off the podium, and loses a quarter of its sales in 2021. Remember that Toyota puts two cars in the Girondin top 10, the Yaris and the Yaris Cross. If it shows a drop of 33%, the Peugeot 3008 SUV is the only one in its category to appear in the top 10.

4 Peugeot in front

Peugeot remains at the top of the brand ranking for the second consecutive year, with 5,553 vehicles registered (-23% compared to 2021), closely followed by Renault (5,450 units, -15%). And it is Citroen (3,296, -27%) that leaves the third place, not only for Dacia (3,517), but also for Toyota (3,344, a significant increase of 18%). Different fortunes for foreign manufacturers: Volkswagen is struggling (-9%), Ford is smiling (+15%), among other general manufacturers, including Kia, Nissan and Opel. The top three German brands are led by Audi (1,113), closely followed by Mercedes (1,028), with BMW trailing behind (898). Tesla is just ahead, with 908 vehicles (+1%). Moreover, positive brands are few: this is the case of Mini, owned by BMW, which shows +6%. As for DS, the manufacturer of the three-color charge, it appears with fear in 475 units, down 14%.

5 Opportunity also suffers

The event is facing a shortage of new cars, a class of holes inherited from Covid-19: if 159,909 cars were registered last year in the Gironde, less than 11%, cars less than six months old fall by more than 25%. A development that translates into “upward pressure on the prices of recently used cars, which pushes buyers to turn to older models, which are cheaper but more polluting”, notes AAA Data in the national benchmark. Vehicles over 15 years old registered in Gironde decreased by -3.6%. To reflect: last year, there were more used cars over 15 years old (39,821 cars) changing hands than cars sold (37,006) on the new market.