Samsung Galaxy Ultraliga X season finale.  Where and when to watch sports?

Samsung Galaxy Ultraliga X season finale. Where and when to watch sports?

In the grand finale of Season X, the most important regional tournament in League of Legends, the Samsung Galaxy Ultraliga, we will see the designs of Alior Bank and Orbit Anonymo. If you love League of Legends, check out when and where to watch the finals.

Samsung Galaxy Ultraliga X season finale

Soon we will meet the champion of season X Samsung Galaxy Ultraliga. In the final of the 10th season of Samsung Galaxy Ultraliga we will see Alior Bank and Orbit Anonymo. The final will be played on August 12 at 4:40 pmand fans will be able to support the team directly from the Polsat Sports studio, as well as during official events See Celebrationwhich will be arranged in the new gaming bar opened H.4.0.S. Who will take the biggest part of the 100,000 prize pool. zlotys and the champion title will be announced this Saturday. Both teams have already qualified for the tournament EMEA Masters.

The end of the 10th anniversary season will guarantee fans of the Polish League of Legends many attractions. Once again FRENZY, the organizer of the tournament decided to organize LAN games from the Polsat Games studio, in which the audience will be able to participate. A limited number of tickets will be distributed during the competition, which began on August 3 on Ultraliga’s social channels. People who fail to get the ticket of their dreams will be able to participate in the official Viewing Festival, which will be held at WWarsaw gaming bar H.4.0.S, st. Marszałkowska 64 – admission to the event will be free. The official partner of the event is Kia Polska.

Season to season, we try to develop activities that will further engage the community and give partners a chance to present the brand in a unique way. The organization of the official Watch Association and LAN finals for public participation is a response to the voice of the community, which the possibility of supporting their favorite teams together is one of the most important aspects of e-sports “team”. – said Adam Mikołajczyk, manager responsible for the Ultraliga project.

League of Legends esports tournament

Professional league is the largest and fastest growing esports platform in the world, with more than 150 million registered players and more than 117 million players participating in the game every month. The sport is also very popular in Poland, as evidenced by the popularity of the Ultraliga tournament, which is a hotbed of young talent for European and world competitions.

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