Samsung Smart TV is enhanced with Twitch app

Samsung Smart TV is enhanced with Twitch app

Samsung now lets you install the Twitch app on its smart TVs. It is an improved version of a popular video streaming tool, for example from games.

Samsung still expanding the range of applications available on Smart TVwhile not forgetting the players who want to show their games. Now it’s the turn of the special a platform for fans to watch other users’ online fights. One of the most popular and popular tools of this type is Twitchwhich is used live broadcasting of sports or e-sports events. Watching other streams (players) can be a major pastime today, attracting a large community of fans around the world.

The Twitch app is available in Polish on all Samsung TVs released in 2018-2022. After scanning the QR code that appears on the screen, it also provides a good connection with the smartphone. Through his keyboard you can comments from time to time on the TV screen, the struggle of our favorite streamers, building in this way gaming community.

Samsung Neo QLED

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Text source: Samsung