San Giovanni: Staccioli wheels are donated to the Municipality.  Abb sponsor of restoration and future location

San Giovanni: Staccioli wheels are donated to the Municipality. Abb sponsor of restoration and future location

The sculpture group created by the five “Tondi” by Mauro Staccioli will be the property of the Municipality of San Giovanni which has already received funds for restoration and future location. The municipal administration has decided to accept the donation of the daughter of the internationally renowned sculptor from Volterra, who died on January 1, 2018 in Milan at the age of 80 and is still remembered in the city for a controversial installation, but of definite impact.
It was in 1996 when Corso Italia welcomed five reinforced concrete wheels with an area of ​​3 meters and a thickness of 60 centimeters. They were placed along the main street, the main axis of Sangiovannesi’s daily life, as a line of demarcation and solidarity between the city of “Terra Nuova” and nearby villages. And at that time there were endless debates between the enthusiasts, who praised the originality of the open exhibition, and called it a masterpiece, and the skeptics who were even worried about the damage done to the road surface due to the potholes supporting the unity . creativity. It is no coincidence that they are described as “ephemeral”, because one of the constants in Staccioli’s activity has been that of attracting and even exasperating the audience with works that lasted only a few weeks.
After the show, the masks were parked in Vacchereccia in a piece of land owned by the Municipality, waiting for a certain place, but the administrators have been thinking of continuing the relationship with the artist by identifying a corner of the city where to put it immediately. and for all those works.
The Giunta led by Maurizio Viligiardi had asked Staccioli himself to prepare a regional project within the circuit through Peruzzi, in the district of Calambrone, unfortunately they did not realize it due to lack of resources. Now the turning point and the decision to accept the “gift” and the arrival of money from the personal guard. In fact, the municipal administration had taken measures to prevent seeking the necessary external funding for the restoration and subsequent installation. The sponsor of the operation will be the company ABB, which has its headquarters near the place where the statue is placed and has already made a donation of 20,000 euros to the city hall.